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January 27, 2022

Ciolos: We can only govern by side of political forces democratically represented in Parliament

Prime Minister-designate Dacian Ciolos told a plenary sitting of Parliament on Tuesday that his technocrats’ executive cannot govern without the political parties democratically represented in the legislature.

“We do not wish to and we cannot replace the political class. Democracy is not possible without politicians or without political parties. The times when governments made up of experts are resorted to are exceptional. We can only govern by the side of the political forces democratically represented in Parliament. I hope you join our effort. We will be open to your projects, proposals and ideas and I assure you we will always listen to you attentively. Me and my team’s wish is to create the prerequisites of a new project of the accelerated development of Romania equal to the huge potential of the country and we can only do this together, because you, the political parties will have to be those to continue building a country that should give hope to the Romanians”, Ciolos told the lawmakers gathered to take a vote of confidence in his cabinet.

The prime minister-designate voiced hope that his project for the development of Romania would make all those who have left the country wish to come back home.

“If we speak of home, it is only one place – here, in Romania. I have carried this ‘at home’ in my heart all these years in which I have been called to exercise my tasks outside the country and I am glad that today I can make my modest contribution, alongside my Government fellows to make this ‘at home’ better, but, as a word of wisdom by Marcus Aurelius says: ‘Please, God, give me the power to change what can be changed, the patience to accept what cannot be changed and the wisdom to distinguish between the two”, Ciolos said.

“Tragedies such as Colectiv must never happen again; must remove causes together”

Prime Minister-designate Dacian Ciolos told a plenary sitting of Parliament on Tuesday that tragedies such as the devastating Colectiv nightclub fire must never happen again and, therefore, the causes of the tragedy must be removed, corruption in particular.

“I am fully aware that expectations are huge and I assure you that I and my team will do our utmost to answer them in that our mandate allows us. This Government emerges in an exceptional social and political context. I find it difficult to begin this opening address without paying tribute to the victims and the families of the victims of the Colectiv club tragedy. Our thoughts stay by their side. Romania that we want to start up is their Romania. Tragedies such as the one at the Colectiv club must never happen again. It is a moral duty we all must assume, therefore we must together remove the causes of this tragedy, corruption in particular”, Ciolos told the Romanian lawmakers ahead of a vote on his Cabinet.

He added the current moment is critical, since the confidence in the political class, in the state authorities seems weakened and the people, now more than ever in the last 25 years, expect a change of the way that the public interest is managed.

“The president and you, the political parties have understood this critical moment and hence the mandate of this Government has emerged. The programme proposed by us must answer this reality. This Government’s task will be to create the required framework, a politically neutral one, that should lay the foundation of such structural transformation. We pledge a set of concrete measures that, while limited in number, have systemic impact and importance”, the prime minister-designate stressed.

PSD leader Dragnea: We won’t give a blank vote

The Chair of the Social Democrat Party (PSD), deputy Liviu Dragnea on Tuesday said in the plenary sitting of Parliament that the vote his party is to give for the investiture of the Dacian Ciolos’ Cabinet is not “a blank vote” and that his party might withdraw its support if the Government exceeds the mandate entrusted by Parliament.

“Our vote will not be a blank vote. We’ll support the Ciolos Government as long as we are certain that it activates within the mandate agreed upon, as long as it continues the economic measures endorsed by our governing, as long as it stays aside from the political maneuvering that might lead to a destabilization of the system and of the administrative activity, as long as we are certain that this Government will properly and unbiasedly prepare the 2016 elections. Should we have the slightest doubt that these conditions are not observed, then our support for this government will cease and we shall not hesitate for one moment to use all the parliamentary tools to amend and, hopefully it won’t be necessary, to sack the Government, if it goes beyond the mandate the Parliament has entrusted it with,” said Dragnea.

The PSD leader said that Victor Ponta was “the best Prime Minister Romania has had since the 1989 Revolution,” guaranteeing through the assumed measures sustainable economic growth and a better living standard for the Romanians, so the mission of the future Executive is to continue these achievements.

“We are used that whenever a new Government takes over, the ones who come make accusations regarding the heavy legacy left by the previous government. Mr. Prime Minister-designate, your legacy is a functional economy, with much more money in the country’s treasury, with lower taxes and higher incomes in peoples’ pockets. Your mission is to take these achievements further,” highlighted Dragnea.

He added that the current situation is “pretty unusual,” as the MPs are called to give a vote of investiture for or against the Ciolos Cabinet which no parliamentary party is part of.

“We find ourselves today in a less usual situation – we are called to vote for the investiture of a government that includes no parliamentary party’s member. This government is not assumed politically by any parliamentary majority resulted after a democratic vote. President Iohannis mandated Mr. Ciolos to set up an apolitical Cabinet. (…) Romania has to return as soon as possible to a government legitimized by the vote of citizens,” concluded the PSD leader.

Gorghiu: PNL will vote for Ciolos Cabinet

Co-chair of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Alina Gorghiu says the PNL will vote for the Ciolos Cabinet as they trust it to be a solution for getting out of the crisis.

“We are electing today a solution demanded by the citizens. The PNL believes in this solution, with all the syncope in the creation of the team. Serious reform of the political parties is needed so that they may get loaded with the will and power for change, for refreshing. The PNL will join other parliamentary groups in voting on the new government, because we trust it to be a good formula and solution to get us out of the crisis. (…) Mr Prime Minister, you will have in PNL a loyal partner for all the good measures you will make, but also a critical and sincere voice when we believe truth less flattering to your Cabinet has to be told. I am convinced that some of the abuses of the Ponta Cabinet will be fixed or at least halted,” Gorghiu told a plenary session of Parliament for a vote on the Ciolos Cabinet.

She pointed out that it is for the third time in the last 25 years when Parliament is suggested a technocrat government.

Gorghiu believes that although people are no longer in the streets, dissatisfaction is still there and the big win of the current circumstances is the fact that the Social Democrat Party (PSD) is no longer in power.

She added that “starting today, a new, transparent framework is being sketched up with a balanced distribution of resources to the local public administrations” voicing hope that “this government will understand to do just that.”

“The PNL did not come up with a political government, as it did not ask for any ministerial office in the Ciolos Cabinet or for some political advantage. When you are a party born in 1875, like the PNL, a party that has seen much, you can have this option credibly,” said Gorghiu.

UDMR’s Kelemen: CVs of some ministers, individually more substantial than the entire gov’t programme

The CVs of some of the future ministers are individually more substantial than the entire government programme, says national leader of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) Kelemen Hunor.

“UDMR will vote for the inauguration of the Ciolos Cabinet, as promised. Each of us has enough reasons to support personal decisions. Our mission is simple and, if we make a short analysis of the government programme we see it is a very short, but clear programme, with some principles that anyone can agree on, some priorities for an election year that seem unachievable. Of course, we are lucky with the CVs of some ministers that individually are more substantial than the government programme,” Kelemen told a plenary session of Parliament on Tuesday.

He added that he does not know the procedures for the completion of the government programme, which Prime Minister-delegate Dacian Ciolos said will be expanded by December 15.

“The difficult part of our mission starts after today’s vote and it has to do with ourselves. The Romanian society finds itself in a novel situation. After managing in 25 years to build strong democratic organisations and a working parliamentary system certainly still perfectible, now, at a dazzling speed and with the almost unanimous agreement of the political class we are placing fundamental organisations on hold (…). If someone looks at us from afar with some objectivity he or she would see a huge motor vehicle out of fuel moving around by dint of inertia, as one friend puts it, today, we are behaving as if Parliament and a multiparty system have become a constitutional obstacle to perfect governing. Our difficult mission is that we have to modestly yet convincingly explain that without Parliament, without parties and political formations there is no exercising democracy,” added Kelemen Hunor.

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