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August 7, 2022

KMG International modernizes Black Sea offshore oil terminal

KMG International has invested USD 3.5 M in its Black Sea offshore oil terminal, through the Midia Marine Terminal company, the company informed.
“The project concerned the replacement of the entire flexible oil transfer system linking oil tankers to Petromidia refinery’s storage tanks. The mandatory overhaul works maintain the maritime terminal in optimal safety and performance conditions. Likewise, the investment ensures a maximum level of protection for the marine environment. Every 2 years we invest approximately USD 200,000, every 4 years approximately USD 1.4 M, every 8 years approximately USD 3 M in these works,” Midia Marine Terminal CEO Ioan Taus stated.

Six boats and 20 divers worked around the clock for 16 days in order to replace the flexible hose system. The project was implemented with the involvement of Rominserv, KMG International’s general contractor, which supplied the hoses and carried out the land-based side of the works.

“The Midia offshore oil terminal’s hose system is worth approximately USD 3 M. Midia Marine Terminal (MMT) also hiked its naval fleet in 2015, currently operating 3 Italian Tirreno tugboats of 70 tons bollard pull (tbp), with which it assists the manoeuvre of oil tankers weighing 150,000 tdw, and 2 Romanian tugboats of 50 tbp for manoeuvres during storms, maintenance and offshore works, diving support but also the assistance of ships manoeuvring in the port of Midia.

Over 23 million tons of oil has been offloaded through the Black Sea offshore oil terminal since 2009, and 276 ships have been safely handled. The terminal has suffered no damages, while operating in conditions of severe cold and violent storms with waves that surpassed 8 metres, and is designed to have a lifespan of at least 25 years.
“With a designed transfer capacity of 24 million tons per year, the oil terminal can handle ships of up to 160,000 tdw. Using the terminal lowers the distance by approximately 33 kilometres and allows cost cuts of approximately USD 7 per ton for the supplying of oil. Thus, the USD 100 M investment was amortized in just 5 years,” KMG International states.

The Midia Marine Terminal ensures that KazMunayGas’ presence in the Caspian Sea (Kazakhstan, Georgia) and Black Sea (Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria) is linked with its presence in Western Europe (France and Spain). At European Union level, KMG International has over 1,000 gas stations in Romania, Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria, France, Spain and Georgia. The group has two refineries: Petromidia Navodari and Vega Ploiesti.

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