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September 20, 2020

Stock exchange trading grows more than twofold

The value of trading on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BSE) surpassed RON 442 M last week, being 2.3 times higher week-on-week.
The value of trading on the BSE grew 121.8 per cent week-on-week, to RON 442.61 M, against the backdrop of the accelerated private placing of Banca Transilvania (TLV) shares carried out by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), a Puls Capital analysis quoted by Agerpres shows.
The EBRD announced on Friday that it lowered its participation within Banca Transilvania from 14.33 to 11.47 per cent, through the sale of 86.76 million shares. The value of the transaction stood at RON 216.9 M.
The total value traded last week on the BSE surpassed RON 451 M, the most important trades involving Banca Transilvania (RON 304.91 M), SIF Banat-Crisana (RON 37.60 M), Fondul Proprietatea (RON 32.34 M), BRD-SocGen (RON 14.88 M) and Romgaz (RON 13.56 M) shares, an Intercapital Invest analysis shows.
Trading in structured products totalled RON 7.30 M, trading in bonds RON 1.30 M and trading in fund units RON 30,000.
Stock exchange indices registered overall negative evolutions, ranging from -1.28 per cent in the case of BET-FI SIFs to 0.01 per cent in the case of the BET-NG index of energy and utilities sector companies.
28 titles registered positive evolutions, 8 registered stable evolutions and 38 registered negative evolutions.
The biggest growth was registered in the case of the Electroaparataj (EPJ, +11.34 per cent), Farmaceutica Remedia (RMAH, +10.48 per cent) and Retrasib (RTRA, +7.62 per cent) shares.
The steepest drops were registered in the case of IAR SA (IARV, -11.05 per cent), Prefab (PREH, -10 per cent) and Aerostar (ARS, -8.79 per cent) shares.
“This week’s downward trend appears against the backdrop of the Q3 results reported by listed companies, but also against the backdrop of stronger correction on external markets. Thus, the EuroStoxx50 (follows the evolution of 50 titles in 12 Euro Zone states – editor’s note) and DAX (the main index of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange – editor’s note) indices dropped by 3.08 and 2.57 per cent respectively, while the United States of America’s DJIA index dropped by 2.58 per cent by the end of the trading session on Thursday, its drop continuing on Friday too. The markets were negatively influenced by the price of oil, after record levels of barrels of oil stored in oil tankers were announced against the backdrop of continuously lower demand,” the aforementioned source points out.

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