Traian Basescu: Ponta’s resignation was artificial, Dacian Ciolos knew for a long time he would be Prime Minister

“I was annoyed by the pretence of prolonged discussions. It was cheap theatre”

In a Sunday evening appearance in the Romania TV studio, former President Traian Basescu commented on the political events of the day. “President Klaus Iohannis knew the name of the new Prime Minister before Ponta even got to submit his resignation. I am convinced that Dacian Ciolos knew for a long time that he would be Prime Minister. They were only waiting for the right time”, Basescu declared. “I think that Dragnea had had an agreement to get rid of Ponta. If Colectiv had not occured, something else would”, Basescu mentioned.
“Victor Ponta’s resignation was artificial, under the circumstances that the Prime Minister did not have any direct responsibility connected to the fire in club Colectiv”, Head of Popular Movement Traian Basescu pointed out on Sunday, as reported by Agerpres.

“It was very artificial (Victor Ponta’s resignation – editor’s note). By example, which was the Prime Minister’s responsibility in the disaster, in the tragedy that occurred at Colectiv? I assure you that it was equal to that of the President, meaning that neither had any direct responsibility (…). Both the President and the Prime Minister are responsible of citizens’ safety. So where is Ponta’s fault, was he supposed to perform audits? So, something was dubious here, and this is why I am telling you, Dragnea keot pushing him downwards, it was a tension-filled moment and Oprea refused to help him by assuming his fault, too”, Basescu declared.

In the ex-President’s opinion, Liviu Dragnea already knew at the moment Ponta resigned that Dacian Ciolos would be designated in the position of Prime Minister.
“The fact that he did not come up with the name of a Prime Minister at the initial meeting with President Iohannis is a clue to me that the games were already arranged and they knew Ciolos was a solution for a very long time. So, actually, Dragnea had negotiated his party”, Traian Basescu declared.
Basescu also criticized President Klaus Iohannis’ manner of organizing discussions with political parties and civil society under the circumstances that he had already decided to appoint Dacian Ciolos.

“It is not good to end up changing Governments under the pressure of the street. Ponta also paid for his own mistakes, from his doctor’s degree to the failure at presidential elections, his small lies in his resume and, most of all, the incident and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. I am convinced that Dacian Ciolos knew for a very long time he would be appointed Prime Minister, and they were only waiting for the appropriate moment. It was cheap theatre. If the Prime Minister had resigned after all, he should have designated Ciolos at once. I would have completed the discussions in two hours. Fifteen minutes to each party. Give me the name of a Prime Minister”, the politician added.
Basescu also points out that, in his opinion, Dacian Ciolos cannot be considered a 100 per cent politically independent Prime Minister as he was, for five years, an EPP-supported European Commissioner.

“It was a relatively agitated day for politics. Reshuffles had happened without having passed through the Parliament”, Traian Basescu commented at arrival on the political events of the day, referring to the withdrawal of Andrei Baciu’s designation as Health Minister a few hours after he was announced and his replacement on the list of proposed Ministers with the manager of the Oncology Institute in Cluj Napoca.

The forner President relaunched the idea that Dacian Ciolos was a good “solution” for the position of Prime Minister.
The former Head of the State declared that Ciolos Government would certainly pass Parliament ballot: “The Government would certainly pass. They have PSD support because they have agreed not to touch the second line – state secretaries and managers of administration boards”.
Basescu showed that “this compromise” Dacian Ciolos allegedly agreed on with PSD and probably with PNL represented a “mistake”. Asked how long he thought the Ciolos Government would resist, were they to be voted for by the Parliament, the former Head of the State declared: “If they respect their obligations towards the parties, they will stay until the next elections. If they do not, they will fall fast. I do not know what their agreements are with PNL, PSD and UNPR, but if they respect their engagements, which means that they respond as promised to conditions established by the parties, they will stay until the next elections”.

Traian Basescu is sure Dacian Ciolos’ proposed Government will pass Parliament ballot. Romania’s ex-President says the Popular Movement is to decide today whether they will vote for the Government now that Ciolos has earned PSD support.

“He has earned PSD support because they have certainly agreed not to touch the second line – state secretaries and managers of administration boards and other important positions, which I think was a mistake by Ciolos, and I am sure he did the same with PNL. If this compromise might lead the Ciolos Government to failure, the responsibility will be shared by both Iohannis and Ciolos”, the former President declared.

Basescu also says that the Popular Movement will decide whether they will still vote for Dacian Ciolos’ Government under the circumstances that he already had PSD support. Basescu also made a promise: immediately after the appointment of the new Cabinet, the Popular Movement will join the Opposition.

“This was the promise we made to Dacian Ciolos at the time we were unaware that he had support from PSD as well. Now, he does not need our eight votes. We will discuss our options at the party because there is no danger that the Government would not pass after our announcement that we would vote for them and then join the Opposition”, Basescu concluded.

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