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Ciolos Cabinet, at the start of its term

Prime-Minister Dacian Ciolos will chair the first Cabinet meeting on Thursday at 10 am, after he received the vote of the Parliament and was sworn in at Cotroceni on Tuesday. During the meeting, administrative documents will be discussed and adopted.

The first day after he officially became prime-minister, Dacian Ciolos went to Victoria Palace Wednesday morning where he engaged in Government organising activities and set up the agenda for the coming period. The Deputy Prime-Minister and the Minister of Economy, Costin Grigore Borc, also went to Victoria Palace.

Inauguration ceremonies for the new ministers were also organised at the various ministries.

The first meeting of the Dacian Ciolos Cabinet will take place on Thursday, from 10 am and will discuss and adopt various administrative documents, according to a Government press release.

Premier Dacian Ciolos will also meet with the members of the Government in an informal meeting on Saturday, to discuss the sector priorities under the ruling programme. One of the priorities of the in-coming Government is the adoption of the state budget and of the social security budget for 2016, which should then be sent to Parliament.
The members of the Ciolos Government took over their mandates Tuesday night in the presence of President Klaus Iohannis, after being sworn in at the Cotroceni Palace.

The president was present at Victoria Palace Tuesday night, where the former acting PM Sorin Campeanu turned over his mandate to the new PM, Dacian Ciolos, in the hall that normally hosts Cabinet meetings, with the participation of the members of the new Cabinet.

Dacian Ciolos: ‘We will do everything in our power to be as open as possible’

Prime-Minister Dacian Ciolos thanked the president for his confidence when he had designated him as Prime-Minister and also thanked interim PM Sorin Campeanu for his cooperation, as well as for the manner n which he had fulfilled his mandate.
‘You asked me to bring a team of independent, specialists, ambitious people, people who have left their activities in which they invested a lot of time and energy, put them aside for a while, and decided to contribute with their competence and skill to a team I hope will be able to complete its term and fulfil the mission the Parliament has given us today and you have formalised. I would like to thank you for the trust you put in me and I assure you that we will do everything in our power to be as open and as receptive as possible and give the best of us to show those who have trusted and trust us that things can go from well to better in Romania’, Dacian Ciolos told President Iohannis at Victoria Palace Tuesday night, during the PM inauguration ceremony.

At the same time, the PM thanked the former interim Prime-Minister Sorin Campeanu for his cooperation, as well as for the manner in which he had discharged his duties during his temporary assignment.

‘I want to thank the interim Prime-Minister Sorin Campeanu for our cooperation during this period, for how he has supported us through this intense period when the government team has been set up and, of course, not least, for the manner in which he ahs discharged his duties’, Ciolos said to the person he was replacing in office.
Sorin Campeanu, in turn, wished the new PM and his team success, and noted that the interim Government had ‘done, with honesty, the best it knew and the best it could’.

President Iohannis: I don’t know if such a politically independent government ever existed
A politically independent government such as the Ciolos Cabinet “is a first that helps Romania,” says President Klaus Iohannis.
“Such a politically independent government has not been for a long time at this table. I don’t know if such a politically independent government has ever existed. I want to believe it is a first that helps Romania. I fully trust that you will succeed, contrary to some peoples’ expectations, to do your job very well. It was visible today, in the Parliament that the politicians wanted such a government. The overwhelming vote you have received – almost 400 votes for and only one hundred and something who wanted something else – indicated that even the politicians who, at least declaratively, are a bit reticent over an independent government, not only that they accepted, they embraced this solution for Romania in this stage,”said Iohannis at the mandate takeover ceremony by Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos.
The president told the ministers that they have been handed “a beautiful challenge,” an opportunity to show “how could Romania be administrated in a complicated year, with great expectations.”
“You should be aware that expectations come from the politicians, too. In fact, I am strongly convinced that everybody wishes that things go like clockwork and to do this, we need an efficient Government. I wish you to be this efficient Government. I wish you, Mr. Dacian Ciolos, make it that from this Government you have picked and promoted as a team of specialists, to succeed to have a single team which goes on with a healthy spirit,” added Iohannis.
The head of state also thanked the Acting Prime Minister, Sorin Cimpeanu “for the way he ran the Government in the interim period.”
“I find he did a very good job,” the president concluded.

Patriciu Achimas Cadariu: We have a mandate, we are not the Government of superhumans

Health Minister Patriciu Achimas Cadariu stated on Wednesday upon taking office that the new government is not made up of “superhumans” and that the governing team will be consistent in meeting the set objectives.
Asked whether he will support the allocation of 6pct of the GDP for Health, Patriciu Achimas Cadariu stated: “We have a one-year term, we are not the Government of superhumans. We have several objectives we already voiced and we will be consistent, we will fight for them. I am not defensive and I do not wish to justify myself, but I tell you what I tell my resident doctors – that it is not a problem to make a mistake while operating, what it is important is to be able to see the mistake and fix it.
He added that the Ministry has ongoing programmes that must be supported.
“We took over from Mr. Minister Banicoiu, we had an exchange of opinions. There are ongoing programmes, there are programmes that must be supported, you have heard the projects of the Government. We will make an analysis and certainly we will do everything necessary,” the newly-appointed minister stated.

New EduMin Adrian Curaj: “To me, continuity is extremely important”

The new Education and Research Minister, Adrian Curaj sent a message of continuity on Wednesday, during the mandate takeover ceremony from his predecessor, Sorin Cimpeanu, emphasizing that investments in education, in research and innovation are a chance to Romania.
“To me, continuity is extremely important. There are projects that must go on, we have talked about them. There are amendments to be made and we must understand this thing, but the idea that the investments in education, in research, in innovation, in entrepreneurship are a chance for this country, its competitiveness … I believe these are things that bind us and bring us closer,” said Adrian Curaj.
He said he is certain that investments in education and research will lead to a transformation of Romania.
The minister specified that he has a few projects, already displayed at the parliamentary hearings, and they target the curricula reform and also the teaching staff’s training.
“I want to deliver a message of respect and trust to my colleagues, the idea that we badly need their expertise. I believe that the fastest mechanism will be the master teacher degree. It is paramount for us to understand that the new entries in the system will guarantee the main transformation flow. I want nobody to feel discomfort. Things will happen, we shall invest very much in this area and I want us to understand that we must have newcomers of a very good quality, yet not giving up what we have, but improving it,” he said.
Adrian Curaj said he is confident in a good cooperation with the ministry’s team, at the same time thanking the former minister, Sorin Cimpeanu, for “the special collaboration, special openness”, and for the achievements of the latter’s mandate.
Cimpeanu assured Curaj of his availability of cooperation from his new job, as Chair of the National Council of Rectors in Romania he is to resume from Wednesday.
“Mr. Minister, from where I am standing things look optimistic. I wish you the best of luck,” said Cimpeanu.

Petre Toba: ‘A priority objective of my term is to improve public safety’

The Minister of Home Affairs, Petre Toba, said on Tuesday, at the inauguration ceremony, that a priority of his term was to improve the safety of the public, according to Agerpres.
‘I am very much aware of my colleagues’ expectations of MAI – reliability, integrity and professionalism. These are the benchmarks I have in mind as the head of the ministry. A priority objective of my term is to improve the safety of the public, and here I have in view all the components of the domestic security environment – safety in the street, in public areas, schools, protection against crime or asymmetrical threats, but also the preparation of an adequate and effective response to emergencies’, Toba said.
According to him, 2016 will be an especially important year for the democratic process in Romania, and MAI’s mission is to assist the Sanding Electoral Authority and the Central Electoral Bureau with the organisation of elections to secure equidistance and legality in the voting process.
‘I will also have in view challenges at a European level, or those concerning the common asylum system. The prevention and combating of terrorism calls for a pro-active approach and a joint efforts of all law-enforcing agencies, both national and international. As the Minister of Home Affairs, I will carry on the excellent cooperation with nationals security institutions, but also with law-enforcing institutions in the EU and USA’, Toba said.
He stressed that the office of home affairs minister comes with a big responsibility that he was ready to convincingly undertake.
‘ It is a great honour to me to pass on the mandate as Minister of Home Affairs I briefly held to a professional who has covered, step by step, all the phases of professional evolution. You are taking this office at a crucial moment to European and Romania. The expectations of the citizen are very high regarding the safety in schools, public institutions, regarding the capacity of intervention in dramatic situations such as the recent tragic event at the Colectiv club. Expectations are very high. I have full confidence in the MAI personnel and in the professionalism of subordinated institutions. Knowing you, Mr. Minister, I am absolutely convinced that the reliability, wisdom and professionalism I know will help you make the best weighed decisions’, ex-interim PM Sorin Campeanu told in-coming Interior Minister Petre Toba, during the ceremony.

Lazar Comanescu: “It’s important for Romania to confirm herself as an actor that matters”

Lazar Comanescu was sworn in as Foreign Minister on Tuesday evening, in a ceremony attended by President Klaus Iohannis and Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos. Comanescu replaces outgoing Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu.
Foreign Minister Lazar Comanescu stated on Tuesday that his commitment is for Romania to confirm herself even more, primarily through what she does in the region, as an actor that matters.
“The essential idea is that of continuity, because the fundamental goals of Romania’s foreign policy are the same. What is very important is that Romania, a member of the European Union and of the North Atlantic Alliance, should confirm herself even more strongly as an actor that matters, primarily through what she does here in our region. This is my commitment before you and I hope that at the end of my term in office you would be able to conclude that I respected it,” Comanescu stated at the ceremony that took place at the headquarters of the Foreign Ministry in the presence of President Klaus Iohannis, Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos and outgoing Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu.
He stated that along with the ministry’s team he would carry forward what Minister Bogdan Aurescu built “with great dedication.”
In his turn, Aurescu pointed out that the sole purpose of his term in office was promoting and consolidating Romania’s international profile and wished his successor good luck.

Mihnea Motoc: “I plan to let actions speak for me”

Defence Minister Mihnea Motoc stated on Tuesday that he takes over the office with hope that obliges him, this being also a great challenge for him, and that the experience he gained in various bodies in which he represented the Romanian state will help him complete his mission.

“It’s a privilege for me to come before you today as Defence Minister. I would ask you to allow me not to talk too much; I plan to let actions speak for me. I take over this office with hope, a hope that obliges me. It’s a great challenge for me to take over the leadership of a ministry of such scope; at the same time, I am confident that the experience gained within national and international bodies in which the Romanian state sent me to represent the country will help me carry through the important mission entrusted to me,” Motoc stated at the ceremony. The ceremony was attended by President Klaus Iohannis, Premier Dacian Ciolos and outgoing Defence Minister Mircea Dusa.

The new minister praised the activity of outgoing Defence Minister Mircea Dusa, pointing out that he imposed, in his opinion, “balance, commitment and seriousness in the institution’s organizational culture.”
Motoc pointed out that he will exhibit honesty and will be ready to carry through the tasks assumed.
“I assure the entire Ministry of Defence personnel of my entire support; a difficult period lies ahead of us, but we will overcome it together. I often worked alongside army men and I know how determined you are in the face of any challenge.
However, I can assure you that members of the diplomatic corps are the same, because both army men and members of the diplomatic corps fight for Romania,” Motoc added.
In his turn, the Head of State said that “if we manage to persuade this Government, the next government and maybe another one after it, to maintain the defence budget at 2 per cent, then you can imagine we have a unique chance, we have the chance to solve the problem of equipping.”

Irimescu: We do not make staff revolution overnight; young people wanted to rejuvenate agriculture

Staff changes at the Agriculture Ministry will be performed along efficiency and performance lines exclusively, freshly sworn-in Agriculture Minister Achim Irimescu said Wednesday, adding that he will be seeking valuable young people who “can rejuvenate agriculture and the public sector.”

“As Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos would say, any change will be performed in time, based on staff performance assessment. We are not coming with some idea of making a staff revolution overnight. Certainly, each will be assessed for performance and we will see what to do about whoever cannot prove what he or she has achieved so far. There is always room for the better. Being a technocrat government, we have to seek technocrats. We are also looking for overseas young graduates, valuable young people who can rejuvenate agriculture and the public sector first of all,” Irimescu said upon taking over office.

Given that two out of four state secretaries with the Agriculture Ministry have resigned, Irimescu said he will have to fill the organisational chart in time, adding that there used to be just three state secretaries with the Agriculture Ministry.

George Turtoi and Ion Utiu are the two state secretaries from the team of outgoing Agriculture Minister Daniel Constantin who have tendered their resignations, while Simona Man and Daniel Botanoiu are the other two who stayed.

Sorin Sergiu Chelmu, new gov’t secretary general, by PM Ciolos decision

Sergiu Chelmu is the new Secretary General of the Romanian Government, with rank of minister, by a decision signed by Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos, replacing Ion Moraru, released from office.

Former Government’s Secretary General Ion Moraru was appointed, by another decision of PM Ciolos, state adviser within the Prime Minister’s Chancellery.

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