Adrian Despot, Untold Festival and Felix Tataru, among winners of IAA Excellence Awards

Adrian Despot (photo), Untold Music Festival and Felix Tataru are among the winners of the Excellence Awards granted by International Advertising Association (IAA) Romania, awards offered as part of a Gala held at the Romanian Athenaeum.

The event was hosted by Andi Moisescu. The gala was opened by a speech held by Mihai Barsan, President of IAA Romania, who outlined the necessity that professionals in the industry would get deeper involved in social campaigns. “It would be the case that IAA assumes projects that would change the society we are living in for the better”, Barsan declared.

The first award of the evening went to people who got actively involved in supporting the victims of the tragedy at Colectiv Club.
“For people who have had the heroism to enter hell and to remove their friends from the flames even at the price of their lives, for people who donated blood, for people who left their homes to distribute sandwiches, for people who donated money, for people who took the time and effort to make websites in Romanian for abroad… For anyone who did anything these days, for them, the IAA Senate decides to grant an award”, Barsan announced, as quoted by Agerpres.

The award was symbolically handed over to Adrian Despot. “I must tell you that I thank you, although I wish I did not have to thank you. I wish I was not here today. Indeed, a change happened and we were collectively reborn”, Despot declared.

He revealed that he wished that the events at Colectiv could reunite the Romanian society. “Unfortunately, a tragedy was needed to bring us all together, but this time we are together and the fact that, today, I am here among you, is proof of that. Because… I did not like you before. For me, you were the enemy, if I may say so. From now on, I wish you to be my friends, and tomorrow, I want us to change things together, because we can do it”, the musician added.

The rest of the award winners at the Gala were chosen from 60 nominations proposed online, on the website of the association, and the destination of the trophies was decided by three juries: one that consisted of the members of the IAA board, one of members of IAA Senate and a third one that included the winners of the previous galas. The “Personality of the Year” award was voted by SMS, out of 16 nominations, by persons attending the gala. The winner of this award was Razvan Capanescu.

The award for “Innovation in Communication” was granted to Julien Ducarroz (Orange), Publicis (for the project “Steet View Test”), Alex Negoescu (Cohn & Jansen) — for the Aqua Carpatica purity test and to Sebastian Olaru for the campaign “Pay with Blood”, held at Untold Festival.
In the “Doing Good in CSR” category, the award went to the platform “Donate with Avon”. In the same category, in the “Volunteering” section, awards went to the projects “Frontline Club” (Raluca Feher), the campaign of the Romanian Football Federation for promoting this sport (Lorand Balint — Leo Burnett Group) and the campaign “We Plant Good Dids”.

In the “Content Creation” category, the winners were Marta Usurelu and Biz and Razvan Capanescu (Leo Burnett), the latter for the campaign “Come to Vote!”, organized before last year’s presidential elections.

The Award “Ambassador of the MarCom Industry” was granted to GMP Advertising (Adrian Botan and Mihai Gongu).
The award for “Consolidation of the MarCom Industry” was granted to the IAA workgroup — The Union of Advertising Agencies in Romania (UAPR) who created an ample campaign promoting the elimination of Ordinance no. 25/2013 stipulating modifications and completions to Law of Audio-Visual no. 504/2002.

The award was received by Radu Florescu and Victor Dobre. “We were rejected three times but we dared attempt the fourth time as well. We sent over 1,600 letters in Romania and in the EU, we changed over 20,000 emails and spent hundreds of hours in meetings. (…) We do not intend to stop until the article disappears completely and the law is brought back to its initial version”, Victor Dobre declared on stage.

The award for “Entrepreneurship in MarCom” was won by Andrei Bortun and the one for “Excellence in Education” by Andrei Lascut and Bogdan Nitu (for IAA School) and Teodora Migdalovici (for The Alternative School for Creative Thinking).
The award for Lifetime Achievements went to Felix Tataru. “I am not prepared to receive such award. I have only spent 15 years in this industry. What is wrong with you”, he joked. Tataru revealed that he would become IAA Global President IAA starting next year. “The ambitions are really big. I have no other mission than to show everyone that Romanian means competence”, he pointed out.

The last award of the Gala, “Brand of the Year” was won by Untold Festival. The organizers of the event declared that they would start a foundation for the next edition of Untold, promoting anything related to safety at events.

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