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May 17, 2022

Ciolos Cabinet, first sitting: Let’s raise the quality of the administrative act

Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos asked on Thursday vice premier Vasile Dancu to set in the upcoming period the principles of the administrative reform, so that the process can start in the shortest time possible.

“To see where we start from. I know there are laws on improving the administrative act and, in our idea of administrative reform, of raising the quality of the administrative act, I would like to start from the point where we are now, to see what laws we have and how to place it in a more coherent framework and to start as soon as possible with this,” Ciolos said at Victoria Palace at the beginning of the Government sitting.

“I want to clearly show Romanians that this Government is starting to work, not only on a medium term, not only on implementing the provisions of the Governing Programme, but to be very present with everything that is of interest and to show that we are capable to respond to expectations that reflect on us. (…) I want to tell you that, on Saturday, we will organize, thus, the first informal Government meeting, as I mentioned I would like to organize such sittings on a regular basis to have discussions, orientation debates on the major topics included in the Governing Programme,” PM Ciolos stated.

PM Ciolos: I underline connection between some budget-related measures on salaries and administration reform

Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos said on Thursday there must be a connection between some budget-related measures regarding the public salaries, that will, if possible, be introduced in next year’s budget plan and the reform of the administration and he called on Finance Minister Anca Dragu Paliu to work out a presentation of the draft budget.

“I would like to underline, first of all, the connection between some budget-related measures that will be introduced in the budget plan regarding the salaries, in that such a thing will be possible and the administrative reform, because I would like us to discuss these things in parallel, namely what can we do to use the salary resources in order to increase the quality of the administrative act; it seems to me there is need of an intrinsic connection between these two aspects if we want to have performance,” Ciolos said at the beginning of the first meeting of his Government since taking up office.

“I ask the finance minister to work out and present us a situation of the budget plan and I ask her to begin, if not having done it already, the discussions with the ministries so as to put forward a draft budget as soon as possible,” Ciolos said, also asking the finance minister to make such presentation of the draft budget on Saturday.

“It is important to me for us to work out this draft budget fast and to also launch the plan of measures resulting from the governing programme, which we should connect to the draft budget – there should be coherence between the budget that we prepare for the term that we have and the plan of sectorial measures,” the prime minister stressed.

Structure of several ministries to be modified via ordinance

Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos has announced that the Government will adopt on Thursday an ordinance on the organization of ministries, in particular of the new Ministry of Public Consultations and Civic Dialogue.

“We will adopt an ordinance on ministries’ organization, following the Parliament decision to invest this Government. There are a few changes in the structure of several ministries. I believe only five ministries have been affected by a small reorganization, in particular regarding the economic aspect. In the structure of the Government we have a new ministry. The coordination of the social dialogue section was handed to the Labour Minister, but for the Government the social dialogue with employers and unions remains an important and priority objective for the Government; we have created a new Ministry of Public Consultation and Civic Dialogue as an expression of the objective this Government has set for itself, of openness towards the civil society and public debate, or public consultations on the Government’s big projects,” the PM announced on Thursday at the Victoria Palace at the start of the first sitting of the new Cabinet.

Ciolos stated that Violeta Alexandru is the person in charge of this new structure. Accordingly, she was asked to advance a proposal for the organization of this ministry in the shortest time possible, in order to establish “as soon as possible the communication platforms and for exchanges of ideas with different organizations of the civil society.”

“When I mention civil society, I do not only mean NGOs, but the civil society as a whole. I know there are different forms of organization in this sector that have ideas, want to convey their ideas. Of course, we will also have structures for consultations on the economic side, where we want to keep in touch with the business environment in order to discuss ideas on economic development projects to be considered in the upcoming period. But, going beyond these contacts (…) which are normal, I would like the rest of society to have communication channels with this Government,” Ciolos explained.

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