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February 1, 2023

Oil industry research has new scientific support * OMV Petrom finalizes modernization of the Technological Design Research Institute

OMV Petrom, the biggest oil and gas producer in South-East Europe, has finalized the modernization of the Technological Design Research Institute (ICPT) in Campina. The project was financed from own sources and from European funds, having a total budget of RON 20.38 M (EUR 4.6 M), VAT included, of which RON 6.85 M were non-reimbursable funds.

“After more than 150 years of oil and natural gas production in Romania, one of the challenges of this industry at local level is the natural decline of production, caused by the maturity of deposits. With the help of new technologies, such as the ones we now have at ICPT Campina, we can obtain more accurate geological structure data and we can test out new solutions for exploiting existing deposits in order to be able to boost their productivity,” Gabriel Selischi, member of OMV Petrom’s Board of Directors and responsible for Upstream activity, stated.

As part of the modernization project, an area for the storage of geological core samples was built and modern analysis equipment was bought for the institute’s laboratories. Core analysis offers information that is useful for creating the geological model of the deposits – their geological age, porosity, permeability, rock saturation and the characteristics of the way they formed. With the help of these analyses, one can estimate the quantity of hydrocarbons in a deposit and can establish the most appropriate production techniques.
ICPT Campina stores over 150,000 geological core samples, which will be transferred to the new storage site. The oldest samples are from wells drilled during the interwar period, the period in which core analysis became a practice in the industry.

The core sample that is the oldest from a geological point of view is over 540 million years old and was drilled at a depth of over 2,000 metres in a geological formation that corresponds to the Precambrian Era. The deepest core sample was drilled to a depth of 7,025 metres.

The Technological Design Research Institute (ICPT) in Campina was set up in 1950, the storage of geological core samples and core analysis being some of its first lines of activity. The Institute is the only scientific research centre for the oil industry in Romania and so far has 56 invention patents and another 4 patents currently under examination.

ICPT is currently part of the Upstream Division, OMV Petrom’s Domestics Assets Unit.

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