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March 23, 2023

Two British nationals convicted of terrorism arrested on Romanian train

The Hungarian Police arrested two British nationals who had been convicted of financing terrorism in the past on an international train headed to Bucharest, Hungarian Police informed on Wednesday.

The two men were arrested on Saturday on an international train passing through Lokoshaza (Eastern Hungary) with destination Bucharest, Hungarian Police notes on its website, quoted by MTI new agency.

The British citizens had been jailed one for 18 months, the other one for three and a half years for financing terrorist activities. They were both released form prison in 2009 with a ban from leaving British territory in the following ten years except with a special authorities’ permission.

When they were checked on the train coming to Bucharest, the two were unable to show valid travel documents proving citizenship or leave of stay in Hungary. One did have a British driver’s licence, but the other person could only present to the Hungarian police officers the Quran, Hungarian Police says.
Both men were taken into custody pending extradition. The British consular service was unable to identify Trevor B. as a British national, but the suspect did disclose his name and citizenship to the Hungarian authorities later on in the course of immigration procedures.

Islamist Moldovans captured at border

Two Moldovan nationals with Islamist connections were captured at the border between Romania and the Republic of Moldova after trying to fraudulently cross swimming. The 19 and 25-year old men were trying to go to France. The authorities are now checking what they were up to in the EU, after determining that they had Islamic ties.

Both have a criminal record and one was convicted and served prison time for murder. He converted to Islamism while in orison.
During the corporal searches, the authorities found Islamic items and books on them.
The two Moldovan citizens resisted arrest and tried to escape, but the authorities immobilised them after firing several warning shots.

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