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January 20, 2022

US Ambassador Klemm: For additional US investment, new Government’s commitment to fight corruption is important

In Romania, there is already consistent US investment, but, in order to encourage additional investment from the US, the new government’s commitment to fight corruption and to improve the business environment is important, US ambassador in Bucharest Hans G. Klemm said on Thursday in an online discussion with Romanians.

He showed that there is already investment by US companies in areas such as IT, judicial services and consultancy, even agriculture, pointing out that much more can be done to attract other investors from the US.

“As Romania’s strategic partner, we want a powerful and sound Romania, with a sustainable economic growth. In order to encourage additional US investment, the new government’s commitment to fight corruption and to improve the business environment of Romania is important. In my capacity as ambassador, I can encourage the US companies to take into account the opportunities existing in Romania, but they will make their investment decisions based on the attractiveness of the Romanian business environment. That is why I transparency, predictability and responsibility are so important,” Klemm said.

“During political transition in Romania, US remains strong ally, partner and friend”

United States of America ambassador said that he hasn’t met new PM Dacian Ciolos, but, when they meet he will give the Romanian official guarantees that the US will remain a very strong ally, partner and friend.

According to Klemm, the US have three priorities that are interrelated; the promotion of security, democracy and prosperity. In this respect he says he felt inspired when he read the ten-point programme of the new government, as it mentioned the consolidation of the strategic partnership with the US and Romania’s contribution to NATO. The government also undertook to continue the fight against corruption and to support justice independence and mentioned it will take measures to improve the business environment in Romania, said Klemm, adding that he hasn’t had the chance to meet the new prime minister, but when he does he will assure him that during the ongoing political transition in Romania the US will remain a very strong ally, partner and friend.

The US ambassador to Romania on Thursday had an online discussion with Romanians, where he answered questions from those interested in the Romanian-US relations.

“There is a myth that US visa is extremely hard to get”

Hans G. Klemm said that although there is a myth that getting an entry visa to the US is extremely hard, the application process is very simple.

“The Obama Administration is trying to get a change in the legislation to expand the program. Right now, the legislation in this area is a very sensitive issue, so it is hard for us to foresee when the legislation changes. But there is a myth that getting a US visa is extremely hard. Our colleagues from the consulate have repeatedly underscored that the visa application process is very simple,” Klemm said Thursday in an online conversation with Facebook users.

He added that for the time being the provisions in place of the Visa Waiver Program depend on the US legislation, and there is a series of criteria for a country to qualify for being included in the project.

“Romania has done efforts to meet the criteria, and the refusal rate is moving in the right direction,” added Klemm.

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