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September 30, 2022

President Iohannis signs autographs, takes selfies with children on UN Convention on Rights of Child Day

President Klaus Iohannis on Friday participated at the Cotroceni presidential Palace alongside 120 children in the 25th anniversary of the signing by Romania of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and, at end-event, he was asked by the little ones to sign them autographs and take selfies together.

The event debuted with the reading of a Children’s Manifesto by one of the guests.

“Dear grownups, do you remember how is it like to be a child, how you had to comply to strict rules, how you wished to be listened to and always had in mind the words ‘when I’ll be an adult…’?! You wanted to change and revolutionize the system. (…) We, the grownups of tomorrow will father the society of the future, an improved version of an engine whose parts are designed and manufactured today with the hope that it will work better than the ones so far,” reads the document that was handed in President Iohannis, together with the children’s signatures.

The Manifesto adds that the children’s opinions are often ignored.

After delivering a speech, the head of state asked the children whether they wanted to take photos with him and joined them for selfies.

The 120 children asked the president for autographs, too.

Iohannis: Education system suffers from chronic reforming

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis said on Friday that the disease the national education system is suffering from is called “chronic reforming”, not lack of reforms.

“I wish, in the next two years, that the entire society becomes part of an exercise of imagination – how do we wish that Romanian school should look like so as to be able to educate tomorrow’s Romanians. I wish to see genuine reform, deep change because, unfortunately, the disease the Romanian education system suffers from is not the lack of reform, but chronic reforming it has been suffering from since the [December 1989] Revolution till today. We’ve had many, very many ministers of education and each one tried to implement a reform or even two. What I do not wish to see is formal reforming and that is why I wish to have a broad, long-duration public debate, to be followed by deep changes, that can be substantiated and give results”, Iohannis said at the Cotroceni presidential Palace at an event marking the 25th anniversary of the signing by Romania of the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child.

He added the Romanian society is undergoing a stage of democratic growing up.

“Many youngsters begin to wish more from those who represent them, which is an essential condition for the functioning of a democratic system. I hope that your wish to get involved that you show now will be preserved in the phase of growing up too. We need active citizens in politics, the civil society, the local communities and all the institutions and organisations in Romania. Therefore, your wish to be heard is fully justified and must be stimulated, supported and promoted in school and society”, Iohannis told the event attended by 120 children.

The Romanian leader argued that the young people’s contribution is crucial so that the vision of education for tomorrow’s Romania might be solid, ambitious and long-term.

“Enthusiasm, the lack of any kind of limitations, the imagination and familiarity with the modern technology world, which the new generations certainly have in large amounts, are crucial to a vision of education connected to reality”, he added, according to Agerpres.

Iohannis stressed he wishes that the principles lying at the bases of the Convention of the Child Rights – non-discrimination, pursuing the child’s best interests, the right to life, survival and development and the respect for the child’s opinions – should lie at the foundation of the political and administrative decisions.

“Today, on the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Convention on Child’s Rights I want to reaffirm that its provisions are respected and guaranteed for all children in the Romanian territory, no matter what their race, colour, sex, language, religion, political opinion – if there is such – nationality, ethnic group or social origin, the material situation, physical incapacity, the status at birth or the gained status of the child or parents”, the president underscored.

President decorates two secondary schools for excellence and reducing dropout rates

President Klaus Iohannis has decorated two schools that were successful in reducing school dropout and stood out due to excellence.

The head of state signed last week the decree on decorating the Secondary School in Cilibia township, Buzau County, and of No.1 Secondary School in Horia township, Constanta County.

Klaus Iohannis, who stated he was the first post-1989 Romanian president to decorate a secondary school, noted that the two schools are models of excellence and good practices for the whole country.

“Education is one of the priorities of my mandate. It is my country project,” Iohannis stated.

“Today’s event is symbolic, but you are learning for a lifetime,” Iohannis told pupils.

President Iohannis awarded the Order of Merit for Education in rank of Knight to Secondary School in Cilibia township, Buzau County, “as a sign of appreciation for the teaching activity as a whole, for the remarkable results achieved in significantly reducing the rate of school dropout rates, for improving school attendance of pupils identified as being at risk of abandonment and for the dedication shown by parents and the local community in the process of raising participation to education and of motivation for learning.”

No.1 Secondary School in Horia township, Constanta County received the Order merit for Education in rank of Knight as a sign of appreciation for the dedication and professionalism of generations of teachers towards the academic training of young graduates both at an intellectual as well as a personal level, for the performance of topping the national ranking on added value brought by schools surveyed in the rural area.

The distinctions were offered at the initiative of former education minister Sorin Cimpeanu.

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