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September 25, 2022

DNA accepts two Spa buildings as bail in Udrea’s case

The National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) has admitted the request of embattled former Tourism and Development Minister Elena Udrea to place a bond on two plots of land owned by Udrea at Boghis Spa to post a 5-million-leu bail requested in a case in which Udrea is accused of having taken bribe from businessman Bogdan Buzaianu.

“On November 13, 2015, prosecutors with the Corruption-related Crime Combat Department of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) sustained a request from defendant Udrea Elena Gabriela for a bond to be placed on the buildings owned by Boghis Spa SRL (two plots of land, of 67,258 sq.m. and 15,917 sq.m., respectively, and related structures) to post a 5-million-leu bail ordered on October 30, 2015, ordering a lien on real estate assets of Bai Boghis SRL valued at 5 million lei,” the DNA reported in a press statement to AGERPRES on Thursday.
DNA says that, under the legal provisions in force, the bail can be posted by Udrea or a proxy of her.

“We are hereby informing that on November 12, 2015, the business associates of Bai Boghis SRL decided to set aside a security on the company’s real estate assets to the benefit of the Prosecution Office with the Supreme Court of Justice and Cassation – the National Anticorruption Directorate to help Udrea Elena Gabriela raise money for the bail ordered on October 30, 20915,” says DNA.

In this case, Udrea is standing accused of continual bribe taking, continual influence peddling, instigation to abuse of office for ill-gotten gains for self, conducting financial operations incompatible with holding a public function or conducting financial transactions using privy information, continual money laundering, as well as continual misrepresentation in personal wealth returns for the years 2009-2012.

Udrea is being accused of having demanded businessman Bogdan Buzaianu 5 million US dollars so that she, in her capacity as a minister and a party executive with influence over the decision makers of the Ministry of Economy and the Hiodroelectrica SA national water power corporation, may secure a bilateral electricity sale agreement between the businessman’s company and Hidroelectrica SA.

The money was allegedly paid via Radu Budeanu, founder of the Cancan tabloid.
The DNA also claims that Udrea used her ministerial influence to buy through an intermediary a villa on the Romanian Black Sea coast at below-market prices, which she allegedly refurbished with money from the company owned by Buzaianu.

Cancan magazine founder Budeanu accused of influence peddling, money laundering in MP Udrea’s case

The National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) announced on Thursday that the prosecutors decided Cancan magazine founder Radu Budeanu will remain under pre-trial conditional release on two-million-lei bail, facing charges of influence peddling and money laundering, after having acted as an accessory in bribe received by MP Elena Udrea from businessman Bogdan Buzaianu.

The DNA explained in a release to Agerpres that Udrea, in her capacity of a Minister of Regional Development and Tourism in the summer of 2010 and also as a person holding a leading position in a political party (then-ruling Democratic Liberal Party – editor’s note), having influence on the decision-makers in the Economy Ministry and SC Hidroelectrica SA hydro-power company claimed 5 million dollars from a businessman (Buzaianu – editor’s note) via Budeanu, with the money being aimed to ensure the company controlled by Buzaianu the further conduct of the bilateral electricity sales-purchase contract.

“In the same context, Budeanu, at the end of 2011 got from the same businessman part of the money claimed by defendant Udrea. In early 2012, Budeanu gave Udrea 3.8 million dollars he had received from the businessman and eased her taking over a 900,000 euro claim that one of the firms controlled by the businessman held following a loan guaranteed by a 90 percent stake in a commercial company acting in the news media”, the prosecutors said.

According to the DNA, Budeanu, in a move aimed to conceal the real beneficiary of the 900,000 euro claim and the real owner of the concerned news media company, facilitated Udrea the closure of a novation contract with a change of creditor between the businessman’s firm and another company recommended by him.

“Defendant Budeanu was warned that, in case he breaks the obligations incumbent upon him in ill-will, the pre-trial conditional release can be replaced by home arrest or preventive arrest. Budeanu shall also put 2 million lei bail…”, the release said.

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