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January 28, 2023

PNL’s Gorghiu: We will ask Election Code Board to introduce postal voting for presidential election

The National Liberal Party (PNL) next week will call for the reactivation of the Election Code Board to pass amendments regarding postal voting for the presidential election, PNL co-chair Alina Gorghiu said Friday.

“Next week there will be parliamentary activity also because the past days we managed, by the signature of the President, to have the postal voting law promulgated; we did not forget that our request is for the legislation to get supplemented by this point. We will call on Parliament to reactivate the Election Code Board so that we may introduce the amendments we mentioned so that we may have an alternative vote method for the presidential election of 2019 as well,” Gorghiu said at Parliament Palace.

In her opinion, this is the best moment for the amendments, after the parliamentary success of the postal voting, which was ruled constitutional.

“Since we have started working, I believe we should consider this idea as well, this lever of the alternative voting method so that we may have it for the presidential election as well. I do not see why we should not sit down at the table to operate the amendments that everyone wants,” said Gorghiu.

Liberals try to sketch up parliamentary majority

Alina Gorghiu said that the PNL wants to sketch up a new parliamentary majority by the start of the February session of Parliament that will back up the Ciolos Cabinet and its important projects, adding that replacing the chairs of the two Chambers of Parliament was not considered.

“I am not hiding that our objective right now is trying to sketch up a parliamentary majority for important projects so as to generate an as solid as possible a support basis for the incumbent Cabinet. We have not discussed the chairmanships of the two Chambers. I heard that in the news. What was discussed was the need for such a parliamentary majority because we know that projects for which the Government will undertake responsibility before Parliament will be backed up by a majority,” said Gorghiu at Parliament Palace asked whether the PNL wants to replace the chairs of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies.

She added that the PNL would have to know by February, when a new parliamentary session starts, what majority it can count on, but right now discussions about the leadership of the Chamber of Deputies or the Senate are not timely.

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