Prime-Minister Dacian Ciolos to the ministers, during the first Cabinet meeting: ‘I would like us to clearly show to Romanians that this Government is starting to work not just on a medium term’

Prime-Minister Dacian Ciolos assigned a few tasks to the ministers of the Cabinet, during the first Cabinet meeting on Thursday. Ciolos let his ministers know that only urgent, administrative normative acts would be adopted and that they would hold a new, this time informal meeting on Saturday.
“”We will adopt an ordinance on ministries’ organization, following the Parliament decision to invest this Government. There are a few changes in the structure of several ministries. I believe only five ministries have been affected by a small reorganization, in particular regarding the economic aspect. In the structure of the Government we have a new ministry. The coordination of the social dialogue section was handed to the Labour Minister, but for the Government the social dialogue with employers and unions remains an important and priority objective for the Government; we have created a new Ministry of Public Consultation and Civic Dialogue as an expression of the objective this Government has set for itself, of openness towards the civil society and public debate, or public consultations on the Government’s big projects.
I have asked Mrs. Violeta Alexandru to establish in the shortest time possible the platforms of communication and exchange of ideas with the various organisations of the civil society’, said the PM at the beginning of the meeting.
Ciolos noted that by ‘civil society’ he meant not just the NGOs and that he was speaking ‘in a broader sense’.
“When I mention civil society, I do not only mean NGOs, but the civil society as a whole. I know there are different forms of organization in this sector that have ideas, want to convey their ideas. Of course, we will also have structures for consultations on the economic side, where we want to keep in touch with the business environment in order to discuss ideas on economic development projects to be considered in the upcoming period. But, going beyond these contacts (…) which are normal, I would like the rest of society to have communication channels with this Government,” Ciolos explained.

Finance minister asked to present 2016 draft budget on Saturday

As for the 2016 budget, PM Dacian Ciolos said he wanted a quick adoption of the 2016 budget and pointed out that there had to be ‘a connection’ between ‘some of the measures to be introduced to the draft law regarding wages, to the extent to which such thing is possible, and the administrative reform’.
Ciolos asked Finance Minister Anca Dragu Paliu to prepare a presentation on the draft budget for a first discussion during the informal Executive meeting on Saturday.

‘I am going to ask the minister of finance to prepare and give us a presentation of the situation regarding the drafting of the budget and commence talks with the various ministries to be able to produce a draft budget as soon as possible, on a first Cabinet meeting. Please bring a first presentation to the informal meeting this Saturday’, Ciolos said.
The PM emphasised the importance of a quick adoption of the draft budget and a plan of measures stemming from the ruling programme.
‘It is important to me to expedite things with this draft budget law and, at the same time, make headway with the plans of measures stemming from the ruling programme, in order to achieve consistency of the budget we are working on and the sector action plans. I would like to stress the connection between some of the budgetary measures that will be introduced t the draft regarding wages, to the extent to which such thing is possible, and the administrative reform. I would like us to discuss in parallel the ways to use salary resources for improving the quality of the administrative work. I am going to ask you to focus the coming days on drafting these action plans under the ruling programme and identify sector priorities for the next months’, said Dacian Ciolos.

Informal meetings could become usual practice

The prime-minister told Deputy Prime-Minister Vasile Dancu and Interior Minister Petre Toba to present, as soon as possible, ‘the situation of winter preparations and organise a meeting with the relevant authorities’.
During the first Cabinet meeting, Ciolos asked to see the situation with the absorption of European funds.
‘I will ask Aura Raduca (Minister for European Funds) to hold a meeting with all management bodies to see where we stand with the mobilisation of European funds from the previous budget period and especially for the new period. I understand there are openings of management positions. I would like us to apply the principle of transparency. The only recruitment criteria will be technical competence, managerial competence, I intend to personally watch over the organisation of these competitions. Those who wish to join us with the management authorities are invited to apply in the next days’, said the premier.
Dacian Ciolos asked the ministers to focus on the action plan included in the ruling programme.
‘On Saturday we will hold the first informal Cabinet meeting, I would like us to have a first talk on this sector action plan Saturday morning and turn these informal meetings into a habit’, added the premier.
‘I would like us to clearly show to Romanians that this Government is starting to work not just on a medium term, show them we are capable of meeting their expectations’, Ciolos added.

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