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August 4, 2021

PM Ciolos hopes to have majority when needed to ask Parliament for certain laws to be voted

Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos told a Radio Romania Actualitati interview on Sunday that his Government will ask the Parliament for a vote to pass certain laws, yet that he should “use certain tools to proceed to some changes the political class is resistant to.”

“We should explain what we do. I hope we’ll have a majority when it will come to ask for a vote to pass certain laws, from the Parliament but on the other hand I’m aware that the Government has certain attributions and certain direct action tools which it will be mandatory for us to use and assume directly, as a government, in order to commence to make some changes to which, perhaps, in certain cases, a certain reluctance will be on behalf of the political class,” said Ciolos.

He stresses that the Parliament has much more legitimacy than the Government yet the latter is also lawful exactly through the investiture vote granted by the Legislative.

“Romania – part of EU, not annex

Romania is part of the European Union, and not an annex and if in certain cases the Romanians could not make to impose their viewpoint, it is perhaps because they didn’t make the effort to understand enough how things work, the Prime minister Dacian Ciolos told Radio Romania Actualitati (RRA).

He spoke of the media commentaries on the fact that he was sent from Brussels alongside “a group of persons from there to impose Brussels’ willingness to Romania.”

“Should such statements catch the public opinion, it means that seven-eight years since Romania has joined the European Union were almost in vain, meaning that we didn’t understand yet that what we have asked, in Romania, to be a part of the European Union, has happened and that we don’t assume things we have asked for ever since the ’90s. Romania is part of the EU, it is not an annex of the EU – and if in some cases we don’t make it to levy our point of view over there, it is perhaps because we haven’t made the effort to understand enough well how things work and see, for instance, why Poland could dictate its viewpoint better than Romania or, I don’t know, other new member states, because I see no interest of the European Union to impose anything to Romania, as long as Romania has votes there and is part of the European Union,” Ciolos explained.

He added that Romania wished to be part of the European Union, since it wanted for the Romanian society to progress in a certain direction.

“When we find that the EU has certain rules which do not meet our beliefs, our targets it is important not to stay in front of a microphone in the Romanian media and criticize the European Union, but use all the instruments we have with dignity, with firmness, with clarity by looking for allies inside the European Union and explain the respective things,” said Ciolos.

The Premier criticized the idea that emerged also in the public space according to which when he was an European Commissioner for Agriculture, he didn’t work for Romania, and emphasized that the enforcement of the Commune Agricultural Policy meant less money for the Western countries and much more for the Eastern ones.

“I didn’t do miracles. I did what the commissioner position allowed me to do. I considered the place I am coming from, I knew what it was the need here and as much as it was in my powers, I did those changes which I assume, but, obviously, it breaks my heart to see not only that some people lie, but to see that honest people do believe them without verification, because it would be enough to verify the people, to browse the Internet and see what really happened,” said Ciolos.

Ministers sign integrity affidavit, certain criteria must be observed by everybody

Ciolos also told Radio Romania Actualitati (RRA) that his Cabinet’s ministers have signed an integration affidavit, specifying he didn’t forced them to, only recommended since it is important to signal that certain criteria of integrity should be observed by everybody.

“This affidavit of integrity, yes, it was signed by all ministers, I haven’t forced them to, I merely recommended them. There are some integrity criteria pointed out by several NGOs of Romania which work in these fields for many years. (…) Why did I suggest them to sign it? I find it important that the people to assume such criteria, should they carry them out and on the other side, I believe it is also important to signal out, from the very top, from the Government’s level, that we are going to ask, that certain integrity criteria will be abided by everybody,” Dacian Ciolos told the said interview with RRA.

He emphasized that transparency and integrity are incipient elements for a functional administration.

“Important is that (…) things should change in the 12th hour to the interest of all, the citizens and the political parties that are to rule the country after 2017,” said Ciolos.

According to Ciolos, a change from the top is not enough, each of us should do one’s job where one is to do it.

“We shouldn’t just let the good to win we must help it to happen. It is important that the energy of the will of change transforms the protest energy into building energy. The protest is important too. On the other hand, it is utmost to understand that this change is a collective process, that it is not enough to make it happen at the top if at its basis we change nothing. In vain we complain of a Parliament, we have elected it and the people there tell us rightfully: I am representing certain people in the territory that have voted me, that have chosen me. When a part of the society claims for a change, it is not enough, should we don’t mobilize and if each of us doesn’t his/her job at his/her place,” the Premier stressed

“I’m scared of humourless people”

Prime minister Dacian Ciolos says he is scared of the people who lack humour and adds that, among other flaws, he is “sometimes pretty hasty in decision-making”, yet he prefers to assume his mistake and pay for it, when necessary.

“Yes, they scare me because in the back of this lack of humour, other things could hide,” Ciolos told Radio Romania Actualitati, in an interview on Sunday morning.

Being asked of his imperfections, Ciolos said: “I sometimes find myself to be too quick in decision-making and fail to analyze things deep enough and sometimes I pay for this. I also am sometimes too trustful in people and do not check on them too well and then, again, I am the one who pays for it, when I assume certain decisions and certain actions of the respective people. Certainly, there are some other flaws, too. There is a form of shyness, beyond anything, which probably makes me, in certain moments, to not be able to communicate clearly enough and well enough and in time. And, quite certainly the ones who see me and listen to me could notice some other defects, yet when they are told in good faith, I try to integrate and correct them as much as I could.”

Ciolos underlined that as regards the positions he occupies at certain times, he stays as long as “the people do trust” him.

“I’d rather assume my mistake and pay when it is the case to pay for it, rather than hide it and lie to the people. And, like I said, where I’m asked to do something, I do my best as long as the people confide in me. When the people trust me no more, I’ll leave the job for some other people,” added Ciolos.

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