UDMR’s Kelemen: We have to restore credibility of political class, public confidence in Gov’t, Parliament

National leader of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) Kelemen Hunor told a 3rd convention of the Congress of the UDMR Women’s Organisation on Saturday in Targu Mures that the incumbent government, backed up by 80 percent of the MPs, has to be just a short-term solution, while parties must strive to regain credibility for the political class and restore public confidence in the Government and Parliament.

Kelemen said the incumbent technocratic government of Romania has to stay in place until the 2016 general election, while in the meantime the political parties will have to be prepared to put forth credible people.

“A vast majority has understood that this is just a limited time and an exceptional circumstance and that there is no competition for grabbing the executive power, and the parties would rather think about the next year’s elections, as UDMR does. Let us prepare so as to have credible people because we have to restore credibility of the political class and public confidence in these democratic organisations, or else another type of regime – autocracy and even dictatorship – will shape up, not right now, but in the long time. That is nothing to be desired; we have had enough experiences and yet knowing the mistakes we all did – and I say so because nobody is forgiven their mistakes – we have to reach the conclusion that the demands of the society for a change in the political class is a pertinent demand. But that cannot be done overnight; it takes a well-thought out and built course of action and those who manage to achieve the change will win the confidence and votes of the people, while those who fail will disappear,” Kelemen told journalists at the end of his speech to the UDMR convention.

He pointed out that his formation would have liked early elections, but since no majority was mounted for the idea they accepted the option for a technocrat government, which, in his opinion, should have a limited tenure, “because democracy is based on Parliament and political parties, which are granted four-year mandates, after which voters can change their options”.

“While in office, you should agree that democracy is grounded in Parliament, political parties and other organisations, but right now we mean Parliament and the Government. (…) The political parties also make governments in various combinations. In a situation like the current one a technocratic government is acceptable for a definite time. We would have liked snap elections in May-June, which would have made the tenure even shorter, but just UDMR with support from the National Liberal Party (PNL) would not have been enough to trigger early elections,” Kelemen explained, according to Agerpres.

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