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October 5, 2022

Glider that disappeared in August, found on Saturday in Brasov County

The glider that disappeared at the beginning of August was discovered on Saturday in Brasov County. A tourist that called the emergency number 112 declared that he had found the remains of a plane in Muchia Cheii region of Postavarul mountain, at a walking distance of three hours from Brasov.

Therefore, it lasted over three months until authorities found a crashed flying device – in Romania of 2015. One could certainly blame the hardly accessible region and the lack of clues regarding the route followed by the plane in its unsupervised flight. Thousands of people, hundreds of means of transportation, vans, ATVs, amphibious vehicles, planes and helicopters have sought nine counties in vane. The glider plane was accidentally found by a tourist.

Thursday, August 6, 12:30 at noon. Mircea Craciun’s glider plane starts off from Ghimbav Aerodrome, pulled by a plane, and heads towards Poiana Brasov. In 20 minutes, it arrives in the area of Postavaru Mountain. The glider loses its connection to the cable and continues its flight carried by airwaves.
It should have landed before sunset, because such flights are prohibited at night time.

In that afternoon, Brasov flight club announced ROMATSA that the glider did not make it back to the base, and the situation was announced ten minutes later to the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations. All units are alerted on a distance of 200 kilometres from the starting point.

The authorities established that the pilot has used his mobile phone last time on Thursday at 1:06 PM. The search area is reevaluated.
On Friday morning, August 7, over a hundred people – ISU employees, gendarmes and mountain rescue teams – restart their search. From above, they are assisted by helicopters of the National Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and also flight planes from Brasov Flight Club. Four counties are minutiously searched.

At the same time, in Bacau, by example, over 100 people have founded ten teams and sought through Nemira Mountain. The searches of the pilot continued during the fifth day in the region of Siriu, Buzau County, and over 50 firefighters and gendarmes sought the forest step by step.

And while over 1,200 people, accompanied by 280 vehicles, were searching the mountains, others were staying in front of computers, analysing images filmed by drones.
Ten days after the glider pilot had disappeared, searches were limited. There were just mountain gendarmes, mountain hunters and rescue teams who continued performing land searches.

The pilot was training for a competition. He had no flying plan, and no localization device aboard.
On Saturday, the Emergency Situations Department confirmed that the glider plane was found in a post published on the Facebook account of the institution:

“The glider was found!

A few minutes ago, search teams consisting of firefighters, mountain rescue teams, mountain gendarmes, mountain hunters and police officers have arrived to the indicated area in Postavaru Mountains. After initial checking, the series of the identified flying device (5855) is the same as that of the glider plane reported missing at the beginning of August this year.

Moreover, forces present at the scene discovered human remains aboard the flying device.
The surrounding of the area was granted and the case was overtaken by responsible institutions, who will investigate the causes and circumstances of the event.

During summer, Postavarul Mountain, an area of over one hundred hectares, was included in the search area several times and was granted personnel by the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, by the Mountain Gendarmerie, including mountain climbers in steep areas, as well as other forces who came to provide support. Also, the area was checked from above both by helicopters and drones, but despite of all undertaken efforts, the flying device could not be identified due to the great thickness of the forest.
The mission to identify the flying device remained permanent for personnel in the area and they have acted several times on clues provided by people who have visited the area as tourists. Now, one such notification proved to be correct.”

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