MEP Monica Macovei criticises Ciolos

MEP Monica Macovei, President of M10 party, expressed harsh criticism in Bacau, in a press conference, regarding the fact that Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos gave up on the topics of two-round elections for Mayors and eliminating the electoral thresholds which, in her opinion, were two of the most important requests made by the “street” that has “chosen and granted legitimacy” to the present Government.

“The Ciolos Government has the most powerful enforcement ever granted to an Executive in Romania. If there were no street, if there were no revolted people, we had had the Ponta Government and we would have not been discussing the Ciolos Government. Therefore, the present Executive is the one with top level of responsibility. Unfortunately, we are noticing a difference between the Governing program initially presented and the one published in the Official Monitor. The first thing the Ciolos Government was supposed to pursue was fulfilling the requests of the Street because the street has chosen them and granted them legitimacy. He exists because of the street. And the street demanded actual electoral reforms. Which means that the street seeks clean people in politics”, Monica Macovei declared, as reported by Agerpres.

According to the leader of M10, Dacian Ciolos was granted his position due to popular demand and “is not supposed to act according to the wishes of PSD and PNL, because they were not the parties that granted power to Ciolos.”
“In the initial governing agenda Ciolos had presented, there were two rounds of elections. Today, it was printed in the Official Monitor, as part of the governing agenda, that Mayors would be elected in only one voting round. Therefore, we might have Mayors elected even by 15%”, Monica Macovei explained.

In her opinion, the elimination of the electoral threshold of 5 per cent also represents an essential point for the renewal of the political class.
“They adopted a law saying that you can found parties with as much as three members and yet, Ciolos Government preserves a national electoral threshold of 5 per cent. Therefore, this is a useless law for small parties that appear. Perhaps people in a county want to found a a party that would propel a local member in the Parliament. It is not possible, if that small party fails to gain 5 per cent at national level. (…) Even if they are many and small, there is a need for new parties, with clean people. Thus, voters, will have options, not just a rotation of PSD and PNL”, Macovei pointed out.

The president of M10 party combatted opinions regarding the violations of the recommendations of the Venice Commission regarding electoral matters. “The Venice Commission recommends not to change electoral laws before elections unless change affects the structure of the ballot, providing a chance of abuse to the ruling party. (…) I am telling you that under the circumstances that we will apply in six months or a month the two-round ballot for Mayors, the Venice Commission will say: ‘Congratulations, Romania’. Because it does not affect the structure of the ballot but, on the contrary, it brings competitiveness and representativeness”, Monica Macovei pointed out.

Macovei asks Education Minister to have the courage to withdraw Victor Ponta’s PhD

The European Member of the Parliament, Monica Macovei, also head of the M10 Party on Sunday asked the Education Minister, Adrian Curaj, in a press conference, to withdraw the PhD of the former Prime Minister Victor Ponta.

“We are at the M10 Hqs., in Galati (southeastern Romania – editor’s note) which is on the University Street, and Galati has a traditional, 65-year old university and because we are on this street, I’m asking Minister Curaj (courage – editor’s note) to have the courage to withdraw the PhD held by Victor Ponta,” said Macovei.

She believes that the PhD or Master’s degree diplomas should be withdrawn from all those who have plagiarized their theses.

“Victor Ponta took off (from the Government – editor’s note) because the street told him so, yet why should he remain with his PhD he doesn’t deserve, which he has stolen? So, Mr. Minister Curaj, please have the courage to withdraw the PhD of Victor Ponta and of all those who have plagiarized their Doctor theses and who are not doctors, or Master’s degree theses, and withdraw those diplomas, too,” said the M10 party head.

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