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May 18, 2022

Senate Speaker on Ciolos’ reforms: “We’ve had criteria before too”

Senate Speaker Calin Popescu-Tariceanu labels as “veiled threat” Premier Dacian Ciolos’ intention for the Government “to resort to certain changes toward which, in some cases, there is a certain resistance from the political class.”

“This is a kind of veiled threat concerning something that is very hard to measure. What is the resistance of the political class and toward what?” Tariceanu stated on Sunday on TVR1. “Change concerns concrete things. Taken in general it does not impress me and does not make me fear such a threat. I understand there are ways, and this is no secret for anyone, through which the Government can temporarily bypass Parliament; for instance by issuing emergency ordinances. Do you believe that is good? Do you believe that is the way? I do not. (…) If, for instance, we are talking about the criteria on whose the basis people are selected in the administration, because I have seen this is a topic evoked by the Premier, this is a topic I take very seriously. However, I do not like to find out that he will ask for specialists and criteria from Brussels. What, we cannot use criteria? This, establishing criteria, is not the issue. We’ve had criteria before too.”

Ciolos’s technocrat Cabinet bear fingerprint of president Iohannis to have own gov’t

The co-chair of the Romanian Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE), Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, Romania’s Senate Speaker deems that the current government of technocrats headed by Dacian Ciolos is “presidential”, bearing “the fingerprint of the wish of the President to have his own government.”

“I told the President (Iohannis – editor’s note) too, in the two rounds of consultations we have had that I wouldn’t support such a formula. I told him that political parties have given up the responsibilities they have – they should have negotiated and proposed a Prime minister to the President. They did it half-mouth or didn’t do it at all. (…) I make no improper disclosure. When I told the President this, he smiled in a very unusual way. Such smile is not him, just like that, somehow satisfied that the president is the one who eventually makes the decision in this respect. And he made it. He took advantage of this circumstance and designated the Premier he deemed, with an improper formula for democracy and Constitution, yet proper to the President,” Tariceanu told the public broadcaster TVR1 on Sunday.

Being asked if the incumbent Cabinet is a “presidential” one, Tariceanu said: “Yes. The political formula is not correct. It removes what we called the representative democracy. The Government should be the expression of a majority of the Parliament that is resulted from the vote of the citizens. This thing, with the current Government, is not seeable. It is a technocrat government bearing the fingerprint of the president’s wish to having his own government and a formula that is anything but political.”

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