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January 18, 2022

Justice Minister Pruna: Romania to contribute together with EU member states to finding a judicial answer to terrorism

Romania will contribute, together with the other member states to finding a judicial answer to terrorism in the European Union, said, on Monday, the Justice Minister, Raluca Pruna, referring to one of the conclusions of the JHA Council in the past weekend, requested by France following the November 13 attacks.

“Obviously, a kind of cooperation is, obviously, expected on behalf of all the judicial systems of the EU member states. One of the explicit conclusions of the JHA Council’s reunion refers to the criminal justice’s reaction to terrorism and violent extremism (…). In this respect, important is, on the judicial agenda, the support of the fight against terrorism and as for this, Romania has reaffirmed it would continue to do this without reservation, it would contribute together with the other EU member states to finding a judicial answer to terrorism in the EU, and the tool this could be achieved with is the updating of a decision-framework regarding the fight against terrorism, with introducing a disposition to incriminate the activity of the foreign fighters in the EU legislation, similar to the legislation of the Council of Europe,” said Raluca Pruna for the Radio Romania Actualitati (RRA).

Referring to the need of promoting some legislative amendments in this respect, the Justice minister said that this will be necessary at the level of all EU member states, should the decision-framework will be changed.

Raluca Pruna explained that the measures and the strategic lines that were tackled at the JHA Council’s reunion, last Friday, target the avoidance of repeating in the future such situations as the Paris attacks.

“None of the measures in the conclusions is an immediate enforcement measure, but they are measures which the member states, the JHA should work within, so to say, with swiftness, so that they could be enforced as soon as possible. Many of the topics regard the Internal Affairs agenda, such as the increased external border control, the register with the passenger names or the information exchange,” she specified.

Being asked whether within the JHA Council any deadline was formulated for the Interior ministries to work in order to enforce these conclusions, the Justice Minister said no clear deadlines were established.

Raluca Pruna stressed that an important matter considered, that is on the justice agenda, is the fact that the member states should cooperate more to prevent radicalization, in particular in the penitentiary environment.

The Justice Minister, Raluca Pruna and the Interior Affairs Minister, Petre Toba on Friday participated in the extraordinary reunion of the Justice and Home Affairs Council’, summoned following the Paris terrorist attacks on November 13.

According to Agerpres, the reunion’s conclusions also identify the main directions where action needs to be taken: the Passenger Names’ Register (PNR), firearms, the strengthening of the external borders’ control, the information swap, the terrorism’s financing, the answer of the criminal justice to terrorism and violent extremism, as well as the commitment of financing these priority measures

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