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September 27, 2021

No end of mayors found in incompatibility or conflict of interest by ANI

The Mayor of Reghin, the deputy mayor of Slatina, a local councillor in Arad, as well as the Vice-President of Neamt County Council, alongside 17 other locally elected officials, have been found in incompatibility and nine in conflicts of interest by the National Integrity Agency (ANI).
Reghin Mayor Maria Precup (PSD) was in incompatibility from 19 June 2012 to 10 December 2014, when she simultaneously held the mayoral office as well as the one of sensor of S.C. Dacia S.A., according to ANI’s release.
Cristian Bircea (PSD), Deputy Mayor of Slatina city and former Slatina local councillor (22 June 2012 – 7 March 2013) was in a state of incompatibility from 22 June 2012 to 7 March 2013, as he was at the same time a local councillor and a director within S.C. Compania de Apa Olt S.A. (company of local interest set up by the Slatina City Council).
Neamt County Council Vice-President Emilia Arcan (PSD) was in incompatibility from 25 October 2012 to 19 December 2013, when she was also the manager of S.C. Europandra S.R.L., ANI also says.
Simona Geanina Popa Pistru (PNL), Arad City Councillor, was in incompatibility as, during the period when she was a city councillor, S.C. Auto Tehnic S.R.L. (company where she is sole stockholder) entered into agreements for the provision of services and goods worth a total of RON 59,859 (plus VAT of EUR 14,990) with S.C. Compania de Transport Public S.A. ARAD and S.C. Centrala Electrică de Termoficare Hidrocarburi S.A. (trading companies that operate under the authority of Arad City Council), by that violating Section 90, paragraph (1) of Law 161/2003, according to Mediafax.
ANI has also found in incompatibility Cornel Pistriţu – Mayor of Băileşti City Dolj, Ionel Gheorghe – Mayor of Însurăţei town, Brăila, Vasile Popa-Nica – Deputy Mayor of Rucăr, Argeş, Mircea Păuna – Mayor of Muşăteşti, Argeş, Gheorghe Claudiu Muşat – local councillor of Budila, Braşov, Istvan Ola Mate – Deputy Mayor of Băţani, Covasna, Viorel Ion Cimponeriu – Deputy Mayor of Berlişte, Caraş-Severin, Ioan Vasilescu – Deputy Mayor of Nicolae Bălcescu, Călăraşi, Dumitru Dincă – Mayor of Drăgoteşti, Dolj, Iulian Popescu – Deputy Mayor of Apele Vii, Dolj, Marius-Leonard Minea – Deputy Mayor of Piscu Vechi, Dolj, Toma Alexa – ex-Deputy Mayor of Comarna, Iaşi, Daniel-Vasile Vascul – Local Councillor Baia Sprie, Maramureş, Vasile Iliuţă – Mayor of Orleşti, Neamţ, Vasile Costea – Deputy Mayor of Coteana, Olt, Ioan Crasnai – Mayor of Socond, Satu Mare and Alyna Viorica Drimenţ – former Local Councillor in Variaş, Timiş.
The following have been identified in conflicts of interest: Gheorghe Purcaru – Mayor of Morăreşti, Argeş, Dănuţ-Vasile Bârzan – Mayor of Lupşa, Alba, Gheorghita Barbu – City Councillor Olteniţa, Călăraşi, Gheorghe Gavrilescu – Local Councillor Crevedia, Dâmboviţa, Maricel Nacu – former City Councillor Tecuci, Galaţi, Mirela Florica Movileanu – Local Councillor Proviţa de Sus, Prahova, Vasile Artimon Ionesi – Mayor of Frătăuţii Vechi, Suceava, Dorin Spoială – Local Councillor Bosanci, Suceava, and Vasile Zanfir – Mayor of Deleni, Vaslui.

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