INNOVA 2015: Romania wins 23 gold, 8 silver medals, alongside 29 special prizes at Brussels

31 Romanian inventions have participated in the Brussels – EUREKA International Contest, within the INNOVA Salon on November 19 – 21, 2015, in Brussels, Belgium, the Romanian inventions winning 23 gold and 8 silver medals, together with 29 special prizes, on Tuesday said the Bucharest Polytechnic University (UPB) Rector, Mihnea Costoiu (photo) in a press conference.

‘It was a big success of Romania’s delegation, its highest at such a salon. Beyond doubt, Romania was the one which this year scored the record of delegations,’ said Costoiu.
He specified that the UPB has won 14 medals at EUREKA and stressed that the medical invention ‘ Short femoral neck hip prosthesis’ alone has grasped five of these medals.

Mihnea Costoiu said that during his mandate as Minister of Education and Research, the prevalent financing of the applicative research is a success.

‘There are a lot of products that turned into marketable products. We have increased financing from 70 million euro for research in the public area in 2013 from EU funds to 1.2 billion euro at end-2015. Out of this amount of money, rd 34-36pct is dedicated to the medical research alone. There are reputed research institutes and clinics: Professor Cercel is fathering a new clinic at Matei Bals Institute, Professor Dorobantu at the Floreasca Emergency Hospital,’ said the UPB rector.

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