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January 21, 2021

PNL wants to adopt integrity and competence criteria for its candidates at its National Council meeting on December 11

At their party’s National Council meeting on December 11, Liberals will adopt integrity and competence criteria that could render the candidate nomination process “painful,” PNL Spokesperson Ionut Stroe stated on Tuesday.

“The Unification Commission’s talks have set the agenda of the National Council meeting scheduled for December 11. The central element of the decisions that will be adopted at that meeting will consist of the start of the party’s internal reform process. We are talking about integrity and competence criteria, about a new vision. (…) Work is being done on the criteria at this moment,” PNL Spokesperson Ionut Stroe stated at the end of PNL’s Unification Commission meeting.

Ionut Stroe stated that the process of selecting and nominating the future candidates could be “painful.”
The PNL Spokesperson also added that the public appreciation the future candidates will enjoy is not sufficient since they have to correspond morally and professionally with the criteria that will be adopted by the National Council on December 11.

Asked whether these criteria will be more important than the results of the opinion polls for each candidate, Ionut Stroe dismissed the allegation, claiming that the criteria are complementary. “They come in addition to what people in their communities want from their future representatives within the local administration,” he pointed out.
The Liberals that do not correspond to the criteria set by the party and that nevertheless refuse to take a step back “will simply not be nominated,” Ionut Stroe added.

Asked whether PNL expects most of those dissatisfied to leave, Stroe stated that he cannot foresee this, adding that “every person is free to take the decision” he/she sees fit.
“The second element that will be taken into account at the National Council talks concerns a certain responsibility to be placed on the shoulders of county branches in relation to the election results they have to register both in the local and in the general elections. Last but not least, decisions will be taken in order to speed-up the merger process at local level,” Ionut Stroe explained. He added that the Liberals’ decision-making body will also put up for vote the proposal according to which those that represent the party in the competitions for city halls should take over the presidency of local party branches on whose behalf they run for office.

Liberals, between forced reform and disagreements

The co-chair of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Alina Gorghiu annouced last week that an internal audit will be performed on the party to evaluate human resources as well as to identify weak points in PNL communication and programme so that all these weaknesses could be fixed until next year’s elections.
This “audit” will actually consist of a rigorous analysis of certain opinion polls, most of them almost finished in order to designate candidates for local elections. Based on this analysis as well as on other internal evaluations, PNL leaders want to start a forced reform in the party, political sources declared, as quoted by stiripesurse.ro.

Alina Gorghiu is not even trying to conceal this fact. She has already announced that many of the present members of the Parliament will not be found in the next one, as they will be replaced by new people.

According to Gorghiu, the analysis of a PNL member is not based on his political past but on his “competence, integrity, image and the way he is perceived by voters”. “It is very likely that some of the members of the former Emil Boc Government may not be found in the front line of politics any more, it is likely that some of the members of the Tariceanu Government may not be found in the front line of politics any more and it is highly likely that certain members of the present Parliament may not be found in Romania’s Parliament any more. I know that it is not a message destined to make some of my colleagues love me but, believe me, other way, we will fail to generate the impact we want when we attend elections”, Alina Gorghiu mentioned.

“If there are members of the present Government who will manage to do great things and if they will have a public message we like, I will invite them to join PNL and run for the parliamentary elections or any other competition. I have no hesitation whatsoever to refresh the party with technocrat resources as well, if they too decide to continue their career in a political party”, Gorghiu further added at the end of last week.
Many highly positioned Liberals may have unpleasant surprises under these circumstances. Long-time party members confronted with image-related issues will be faced with the results of the “audit” and requested to “step aside” for the benefit of the party. It is yet to be seen whether this plan will work or not. There is also the risk that this strategy might turn against the ones promoting it inside the party if members disgruntled by this proposition will unite again the members trying to cast them away.
While this audit might generate disagreements inside the party, paradoxically, it will be completed by a forced fusion.
Actually, simultaneously with the internal analysis, local subsidiaries will be reorganized around one leader, the one designated to run for the Mayoralty of the respective locality. The only organizations keeping double leadership will be county offices. Obviously, imposing a sole leader based on opinion

Yet, Liberals hope this forced reform will increase their power and will grant their victory in the elections of 2016. It all depends on which group imposes itself: “reformists” or the opponents of change, writes stiripesurse.ro

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