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October 25, 2021

PSD-UNPR-ALDE coalition: From solidarity to solitarily?

The co-president of the Liberal Democratic Alliance (ALDE), Calin Popescu Tariceanu, said on Monday that, after the resignation of the Ponta Government, the PSD-UNPR-ALDE coalition had stopped functioning, each party having distinct positions, but he would propose that, at the level of the ‘alliance’, the former leaders should support in Parliament the measures upheld during their governance.

‘I am not going to hide a feeling of discomfort, let’s call it like that. In a way, we have had to take a separate attitude, after the resignation of the Government. Afterwards we have seen that our coalition no longer operated, that each has tried to find a certain position’, Tariceanu said, answering a question on the relations between PSD, UNPR and ALDE.
ALDE co-president Daniel Constantin in turn said that, although the former Conservatives had always been consistent in their relations with PSD, the recent developments had positioned parties differently: ‘As we speak, we are on totally opposed positions’, said Constantin.

ALDE’s proposal is that the former ruling partners should now operate as ‘an alliance’ in Parliament to support the measures initiated during the Ponta Government. Tariceanu noted that ALDE’s interest was to implement the ruling programme with which Victor Ponta had run the country over the past few years and make sure there were no changes of position.
‘The proposal I will make in the alliance – because the coalition was for the government – is to keep the same position, together, in solidarity, on the measures that have been taken and that we would not like to see being annulled, Tariceanu said.

He added that he would talk about that with the leaders of PSD and UNPR, but no date had been set for such meeting. ‘If we have a talk these coming days, we will let our colleagues know about this position and we will see what they each want to do’, Tariceanu also said.

Informal meeting of PSD and UNPR lawmakers at a restaurant in Bucharest

On the other hand, the PSD – UNPR joint parliamentary groups want to clarify the relations of the two parties and had agreed to meet Tuesday afternoon, with leaders Liviu Dragnea (photo L) and Gabriel Oprea (photo R) present, to discuss various matters including whether or not they would share the lists of candidates in the 2016 elections. The deputy leader of PSD’s political group at the Senate
(group UNPR belongs to, as the party has no separate group in the higher Chamber) has told HotNews.ro that UNPR would like to have common lists of candidates with PSD and that there
were no tensions in the centre-left alliance. Vochitoiu has explained HotNews.ro that the meeting was not taking place at the Parliament because the venues available to the groups were not roomy enough to sit all the Mps from both parties – 261 persons in total.

The leader of UNPR senators said the aim of the meeting was ‘to harmonise positions’. Vochitoiu reminded that UNPR had always backed the Victor Ponta Cabinet, even when the Liberals were ‘courting them as if they had been eligible maidens’ and that the MPs of he two parties had nothing to hide from each other.
‘Since a phase has come to an end and a new political phase has begun, we want to harmonise positions and we thought it would be good to have all MPs present, as they are the links to the country and the decision-makers in the ruling process. We have a budget on which we will have a say and we want the positions of our two parties to be on the same line.
On running on common lists: ‘I cannot give you an answer on behalf of the party yet, this is a theme of debate, we need to see how all of our colleagues feel about this. But I would say yes, because, together, we have demonstrated hat we could do good things for Romania these last four years’.

On PSD people dissatisfied with UNPR: ‘No one has expressed themselves. There are no tensions in this alliance. I am permanently in touch with the PSD senators. So there are no such voices, or at least they haven’t made themselves heard in the party’. This Government was – you’ll see the statistics – the best government after the Revolution, also thanks to Mr. Gabriel Oprea’s commitment – you could see that almost every day would begin with breaking news regarding raids, Romania’s criminals were being captured, and I believe that we should follow this trend and also retrieve the money. There is no reason for us to hide from each other. The meeting today is meant to show that we are a credible alliance and reliable people’, Vochitoiu says, quoted by HotNews.ro.

On the other hand, PSD political sources say it has to be clarified if there is still a PSD-UNPR-ALDE parliamentary majority of not, as ‘the approach should have been different’.

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