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January 27, 2022

Razvan Sava, Bucharest’s new interim mayor

Razvan Sava (PNL), member of the Bucharest General Municipal Council (CGMB), was elected the interim mayor of Bucharest on Wednesday. Prior to this, he held the position of deputy mayor after his colleague Cornel Pieptea was revoked along with former interim mayor Stefanel Marin.

The Bucharest General Municipal Council (CGMB) held an extraordinary session on Wednesday, the day after it sacked interim Bucharest Mayor Stefanel Marin. Marin was sacked two months after he was appointed in the office vacated by Sorin Oprescu, who is accused of corruption. Interim deputy mayor Cornel Pieptea (PNL) had been revoked along with Stefanel Marin. Dan Darabont (PSD) holds the other deputy mayor office.

CGMB’s order of the day on Wednesday included the election of a new deputy mayor and the designation of a deputy mayor that would exercise the prerogatives of interim mayor.

CGMB member Richard Radu (PNL) proposed his colleague Razvan Sava for the position, while independent CGMB member Cristinel Deaconescu proposed CGMB member Lucian Iliescu (PMP).

Razvan Sava was elected after he won 35 votes, while Iliescu, his contender, won only nine.

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