Selimbar Mayor, detained by DNA

The National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) has detained Daniel Maricuta, the mayor of Selimbar, in a real-estate fraud case. This is one of the biggest corruption cases in that area, the damage being estimated at EUR 114 M.
Investigators state that the mayor had set up an entire crime group that included several of his city hall colleagues but also public notaries. The group was looking for plots of land about to be retroceded to their former owners. They preferred looking for elderly owners or owners living abroad. Subsequently, persons close to the mayor were buying the property rights at symbolic prices and then, after becoming owners, were selling the plots of land for sums that in some cases were 100 times higher than the initial purchasing price.
Since they knew exactly what the areas in which investors were interested were, the mayor was buying strategically located plots of land. We are talking about residential neighbourhoods, Sibiu’s beltway, but also the area in which Sibiu’s largest retail centre was built.

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