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April 18, 2021

Basescu on ‘Resignation in 5 minutes’ case: Prosecution could’ve read the Constitution before decided to reopen case

Former President Traian Basescu on Thursday went to the Bucharest District 5 Courthouse in a case where the General Prosecution Service is asking for the reopening of Basescu’s criminal investigation over one of his statements in 2007 when he was suspended from office.

Upon leaving the courtroom, Basescu said the General Prosecution Service should have studied the Constitution and the ruling of the Constitutional Court before reopening the case.

“The case is reopened at the request of the General Prosecution Service on a 2007 complaint filed by a man from Craiova, who did not show up today. I am accused of having made a political statement related to my resignation in five minutes, but the same day I retracted, saying I will no longer resign. I believe that before reopening the criminal investigation, the General Prosecution Service could have studied the Romanian Constitution and the rulings of the Constitutional Court. They did not have time to read. We will go to the Prosecution Service with the Constitution and the rulings of the Constitutional Court that give full freedom to Romania’s President, no matter who that is, to make political statements, take attitudes and positions and express an opinion that regards not just the country, but also himself,” said Basescu, according to Agerpres.

The General Prosecution Service has opened a criminal file on Basescu based on a complaint against Basescu filed by Ioan Serb.

Initially, the request was filed with the Supreme Court of Justice and Cassation, which declined jurisdiction in favour of Bucharest District 5 Courthouse.

On April 17, 2007, Basescu said that if Parliament votes for his suspension from office he will resign in five minutes.

“If, despite the opinion of the Constitutional Court, Parliament votes for my suspension, five minutes, at the longest, after the vote I will resign and summon before the voters the generators of this constitutional abuse,” Basescu told a news conference at the time.

Later on, Basescu retracted his resignation decision.

The General Prosecution Service has opened various criminal files on Basescu following complaints filed against him by various persons.

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