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December 4, 2022

PM Ciolos: We manage to keep within deficit target of below 3 pc

Romania will manage to keep within the deficit target of below 3 percent, Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos said. ‘In our calculations, we manage to keep within the deficit target of below 3 percent’, Ciolos said at an event dedicated to the young entrepreneurs.
The prime minister said he intended to keep in the budget the measures set in the Tax Code as well as the salary rises.
‘This is what we intend to keep in the budget: both the measures set in the Tax Code, which seem to us very important in order to make the economic sector dynamic again, we are at a phase of economic growth, one of the most important in the EU and it is important for me to say that, in this period of transition too, the economic sector should have confidence in those who lead Romania. Therefore, there are very many measures that I know are good, the economic sector appreciates them – measures in the Tax Code that we plan to maintain, to apply. In a similar manner, the salary rises are necessary in many sectors. In my opinion, salary rises are necessary, but reforms in the concerned sector are equally necessary. Anyway, our intention is to keep such salary rises as much as possible, they have already been decided by Parliament and the laws have been promulgated’, Ciolos told a television broadcast.
He explained the budget deficit can be pushed up to 3 percent and the salary rises must be accompanied by an investment package too.

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