Gorghiu : PNL merger speeding up, Congress convention possible after local elections

Co-chair of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Alina Gorghiu on Wednesday said PNL decided internal merger needs to be sped up, saying that the party’s congress could be convened after the 2016 local elections.

“We will have single chairs for all the chapters up to counties, almost everything that exists inside PNL; by next spring when the lists of candidates have to be filed, we will have the candidates as the single chairs, which is a big deal. We are considering, and each voiced his or her opinion, how to draw such a calendar. We are trying an adjustment, harmonisation and unification of other leading offices inside PNL. I hope that an option will be worked out for the National Congress convention that we can report to you. Nobody had a distinct voice from the majority of our colleagues. It was unanimously embraced the idea that the merger should be sped up, and the more functions are merged, the better. A much suppler leadership is also more efficient,” said Gorghiu after a meeting of the PNL senatorial group.

In her opinion, “making the party organisations efficient does not depend on names, as it also does not overlap the idea of shaky electoral image or capital of persons.”

“Everybody understood that unification is a complex and long process but we should not make it longer than necessary. (…) We will not discuss names, but unifying positions,” said Gorghiu.

She added that a PNL Congress convention could be possible after the local elections.

Political sources say PNL’s secretary general position and regional chair positions are to be unified.

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