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September 16, 2021

Senate hosts National Day solemn session

A solemn plenary session of the Senate devoted to the National Day of Romania has taken place on Wednesday, with the national anthem being performed, in the presence of Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos and some ministers of his Cabinet.

Attending the session were also former President Emil Constantinescu, Chairman of the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) Augustin Zegrean, Chairman of the Court of Accounts Nicolae Vacaroiu and Ombudsman Victor Ciorbea.

Chairman Tariceanu: I will suggest Parliament holding a National Day solemn session every year

At the beginning of a National Day plenary solemn session of the Senate on Wednesday, Senate Chairman Calin Popescu Tariceanu said he will suggest to the standing bureaus of Parliament to hold a joint plenary solemn session of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies each year.

He also explained that the idea for holding a solemn plenary session of the Senate came about after a decision by President Klaus Iohannis to cancel the traditional December 1 National Day reception at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace, but not as a response to the cancellation.

“The idea for the Senate event indeed came about after the decision of Romania’s president to cancel the reception at Cotroceni Palace, but not as a response, as some would have it. (…) I believed that marking the National Day of Romania by a solemn session is not only a proper decision, but a mandatory event. That is the reason why I initiated this solemn session and the reason why I will suggest to the standing bureaus of Romania’s Parliament to hold each year a plenary solemn session of Parliament devoted to our national holiday,” said Tariceanu.

He added that in the context of the recent Colectiv fire tragedy and the Paris attacks a reception party could have been seen as an improper gesture.

“A reception party, albeit with deep significance, can be interpreted as an improper gesture when it comes in the aftermath of the death of hundreds of innocent people, such as the Colectiv club tragedy and the Paris tragedy. A solemn session of the Romanian Senate of Parliament cannot be interpreted as such, because there is no champagne drinking or dancing,” added Tariceanu.

At the same time, the chairman of the Romanian Senate explained that a National Day solemn plenary session was not possible before December 1 because the Senate hosted, November 25-27, a plenary session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Organisation (PABSEC).

“Last week, the Senate worked according to a special schedule, because Parliament Palace played host to a plenary session of PABSEC. The event did not allow us to hold a National Day solemn session,” added Tariceanu, voicing regret over President Klaus Iohannis refusing to honour the invitation to attend the Senate’s National Day solemn session.

Constantinescu: Anticorruption campaign probably clears state bodies, media, civil society of compromised people

The ongoing anticorruption campaign will probably clear in some years’ time, under the pressure of the people in the streets, the state bodies, business community, the media and civil society of compromised persons, Romania’s former President Emil Constantinescu told a National Day solemn plenary session of the Senate in the presence of Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos and members of the Ciolos Cabinet.

“Obviously, the ongoing anticorruption campaign, with all its achievements and failures, will clear in some years’ time, under the pressure of the people in the streets, Parliament, Government, Police, the Public Prosecution Service, courthouses, intelligence services, the business community, the media and the civil society,” said Constantinescu.

He added that the 2012 and 2015 people’s movements were born out of frustration with generalised theft of the country’s national wealth.

Constantinescu also said that for the resolution of the ongoing crisis, which he said is neither economic, nor political, nor social, but a profound moral crisis of the overall Romanian society, Parliament is playing an essential part: urgent adoption of a clear law with drastic penalties and strict control of the enforcement of law.

He said this December Romanians are celebrating almost one century after the Great Union and a little over a quarter of a century from the collapse of the Communist regime, two crucial events in the destiny of the Romanian nation, ”when throngs of people were ready to fight and die for two ideals: freedom and unity.”

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