Over 60 pc of Romanian households have PCs and Internet

According to a National Statistics Institute (INS) survey, over half of the households in Romania, namely 61.9 per cent, had a person computer in 2015, 66.2 per cent of them being located in urban areas. Likewise, 61 per cent of households in Romania had internet access in 2015, 66.9 per cent of them being located in urban areas.

The territorial analysis of the data does not reveal large discrepancies between the regions, the share of households with PCs and internet ranging from 50 to 60 per cent of the total number of households in each region, with the exception of the Bucharest-Ilfov (78.1 per cent), West (70.7 per cent) and North-West (67 per cent) regions. The lowest shares were registered in the South-East (54.4 per cent), South-Muntenia (54.8 per cent) and North-East (55 per cent) regions.

In 2015, 70.1 per cent of the members of the 16-74 age bracket used a personal computer. The frequency of personal computer use shows significant differences between urban and rural areas. Thus, in urban areas the number of persons that use computers is 1.4 times higher than in rural areas. The share of men that use computers is slightly higher than that of women: 72.1 per cent compared to 68.2 per cent. The share of computer users shows a downward trend in an age-group analysis, in the sense that most young people that are part of the 16-24 age bracket (91.8 per cent) use computers, and the share drops as the age grows higher. Thus, that share stood at just 26.1 per cent of the members of the 65-74 age bracket.

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