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PSD, PNL searching for the best candidates to run for Bucharest City Hall

The spokeswoman for the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Gabriela Firea, is the PSD candidate for mayor of Bucharest in the local election in 2016, according to sources quoted by Romania TV. Gabriela Firea is the head of the PSD Ilfov organisation and Vice-President of the party, and her candidacy happens in the context where no other party has a real candidate. Information published by the mass-media suggests the PSD Vice-President, Gabriela Firea, is at the top of a preliminary opinion poll for the Municipality of Bucharest.

PSD’s Dragnea: Gabriela Firea can be a very good option for Mayor of Bucharest

Asked if Gabriela Firea was PSD’s name for the Bucharest Municipality, PSD President Liviu Dragnea said, Tuesday night, that ‘not yet, but Gabi Firea can be a very good option’.

At the same time, the head of PSD also spoke about the modernisation of the party and the promotion of young candidates in the 2016 elections.

‘A few months ago we started a serious programme for modernising the party. We have an integrity code under debate and which will probably be adopted next week, which will help us change the moral profile of the party. The list of candidates we will present to Romanians in the local and parliamentary elections will bring many new names – many young people: local and county councillors and even mayors, but also many women’, added the Social-Democrat.

In addition, the PSD head noted that people with experience and notoriety would still have a place in the party, but the party needs to also focus on ‘preparing a new generation of leaders’.

‘I am very careful and I have always insisted we should have a bridge between generations. I have never approved of specific attitudes or policies by our former colleagues who said . We, too, support young people, but we cannot keep starting from scratch all the time (…). People with experience and notoriety will still have their place in the party, but we should also discover and preparing a new generation of leaders. We cannot afford not keeping up with the pace of the society’, said Liviu Dragnea.

PNL’s Petrache: Bucharest needs a very well prepared candidate

On the other hand, the Secretary General of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Marian Petrache, said, regarding Gabriela Firea’s possible candidacy for mayor of Bucharest. That Bucharest needs a very well prepared candidate and that he was convinced the Liberals would win the competition.

‘I am convinced that all parties will have a candidate in Bucharest. PSD will probably have Mrs. Firea. PNL must have a candidate who should be liked by the right-wing electorate and able to gather many votes from the undecided. I am convinced PNL will win the election in Bucharest’, said Marian Petrache at Parliament, answering a question on Gabriela Firea’s possible candidacy in Bucharest, according to Agerpres.

He said that, according to polls, PNL was the favourite for the Municipality of Bucharest. ‘I am convinced that PNL will win the election. Mrs. Firea’s chance? May God give her health! I don’t know. She is PSD’s choice, not ours’, Petrache added.

The Liberal noted that Bucharest needed a very well prepared candidate, able to resolve the issues of RATB and RADET.
Petrache also pointed out that he was not interested in being a candidate in Bucharest as he might run for Ilfov County Council.

Asked if he was ready to step back if asked, he answered: ‘Why wouldn’t that be possible? It’s a position in the party. You are giving this too much importance’.

INSCOP survey: Tariceanu, Bucharesters’ top favourite in City Hall race

With approximately six months to go before local elections, Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu is the Bucharesters’ top favourite in the race for the City Hall, provided he decides to run. This is the result of an INSCOP survey ordered by PNL in mid-November and conducted in Bucharest.
Several months ago, the scenario of a City Hall bid was ruled out by the Senate Speaker, however his name has once again been mentioned in connection to a candidacy for the Bucharest City Hall.

Oprescu is second

According to the same INSCOP survey, suspended Bucharest Mayor Sorin Oprescu is second, despite his legal problems, while Social-Democrat Ecaterina Andronescu is third. Despite his active presence in the public space, MEP Cristian Busoi is only fourth, and even drops to fifth place in District 1, behind independent candidate Nicusor Dan, the same source shows. Other names tested by the Liberals as potential candidates for the Bucharest City Hall were Monica Macovei, Robert Negoita, Ludovic Orban, Petre Roman and Costica Canacheu, the last three having signed up for the party’s internal race that will result in the nomination of its candidate for the Bucharest City Hall.
The INSCOP survey shows that Cristian Busoi is the Liberal that has the highest score. Ecaterina Andronescu is the Social Democrat that has the highest score, politicscan.ro shows.
The potential Liberal candidates tested in the survey were Cristian Busoi, Petre Roman, Costica Canacheu and Ludovic Orban. Busoi scored 36.2 per cent, Ludovic Orban 25.2 per cent, Petre Roman 20.9 per cent and Costica Canacheu 15.8 per cent.
The potential Social-Democrat candidates tested in the survey were Ecaterina Andronescu (44.6 per cent), Robert Negoita (42.2 per cent) and Catalin Ivan (34.2 per cent).
Unlike Andronescu, PSD’s top-scoring potential candidate, PNL’s Cristian Busoi is less known in Bucharest, the INSCOP survey shows.

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