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June 19, 2021

Deputy PM Dancu: Government to propose to EC updating of Strategy for Public Administration Consolidation

Deputy PM Vasile Dancu has stated, on Saturday, that the Government will propose to the European Commission to update the Strategy for Public Administration Consolidation (SCAP) for 2014-2020, mentioning that the prerogatives of the prefect should be rediscussed.

“There is a strategy for public administration consolidation, with the acronym SCAP, for 2014-2020. (…) We will propose to our partners, the European Commission, the updating of this document to contain elements rather to amend and to complete this strategy. It is a strategy that was (…) in the public space, has many elements we can call modern, has elements that regard a modernization of administration. (…) We have begun an analysis of this document. We will propose and negotiate with our partners its updating in some essential points”, said Dancu in a press conference at the Government.

He added that a reconstruction of some indicators that would effectively measure the contribution and progress made in each area of the administration should be worked on.

“Furthermore, there is the issue regarding transparency and monitoring. The government led by Dacian Ciolos will come with a different vision, a less bureaucratized vision – one of our important objectives is debureaucratization and thus we are looking to work more and more in the area of transparency and in the area of monitoring,” Dancu mentioned.

In his opinion, a deinstitutionalization took place and there are grave transparency issues.

“We should rediscuss the prerogatives of the prefect also from the perspective of the type of public position that the prefect holds, from attributions, but also from the perspective of administrative tutelage, meaning administrative control. (…) There are debates regarding the legality control that the prefect conducts over acts of local administration. This administrative tutelage is a derogation from local autonomy, we must respect local autonomy. The prefect, in European legislation, cannot pronounce on the opportunity [of a measure], rather on the legality and there are many aspects that regard the amendments we will propose for this strategy for public administration consolidation in 2014-2020. There will be aspects regarding social dialogue, civic dialogue and monitoring,” said Dancu, adding that public monitoring through specialized agencies in this domain will be requested.

In that context, Vasile Dancu also mentioned that there is need for an Administrative Code to establish order in what regards the administration.

An interministerial group for state reform and administration modernization to be formed

An interministerial group will be formed for state reform and administration modernization and will operate on essential projects until June, said, on Saturday, Deputy Prime Minister Vasile Dancu.

“The discussion today targeted the modernization of the state and the reform of public administration. (…) Firstly, the base idea was the forming right from this moment of an interministerial group for state reform and administration modernization, a group that would continue to work in the months to come on some of our essential projects that target state reform. (…) Secondly, we will build a team that will work on organized dialogue, a sort of consultation group that will work on organized social dialogue, between ministries and the area of unions, employer’s associations and other areas that mean social dialogue and we are building a platform now, together with the new Ministry of Civic Dialogue, that regards transparency and public debate,” said Vasile Dancu, in a press conference held at the Government.

He added that six pillars were defined regarding modernization and redefining the state’s role.

“It is very clear that we need to find a united concept for viewing what the state does, starting with the central and local administration. At this moment we have observed that there are several discussions on the state. The newest idea is that if we are speaking of the central administration as a nucleus of the state then it is clear that we must define which are the functions of the central administration of the government and of the administration around the government. We have defined as a strategic option the fact that we are speaking of strategy, the function of policies and two others – regulation and supervision. In principle, the administration of public affairs should be sent as close as possible to the citizen, this means the regional level, this means the local level of administration. We must operationalize better the principle of solidarity and to create mechanisms of compensation and redistribution, without encouraging dependence on the center,” Dancu pointed out.

He showed that the state, in the view of the Government, will be a planner and stimulator of economic and social development.

The Deputy PM mentioned that in a future session the quality of state services will also be discussed.

“We spoke of simplifying relations between state and citizens; a great deal of colleagues spoke of this (…) of raising the quality of access to public services, of optimizing costs, of the relations between politics and administration, the relations between state and society and the instruments available at this moment in order to do so,” Dancu said, according to Agerpres.

“I don’t believe there are conditions for long Parliament debates on the state budget for 2016”

Deputy PM Vasile Dancu does not believe there will be long debates in Parliament on the state budget for 2016.

“We hope there will not be a huge wave of amendments, yet they are part of the legislative conditions, the rights of MPs. (…) I believe, though, that the budget won’t take long in terms of time and I don’t believe we will have very many amendments. (…) I believe that the dialogue we had in the parliamentary groups was sufficient so that our vision on the budget was understood, there is a consistent part of the old budget that stayed on as planning. Thus I do not believe there are conditions for a very long debate in Parliament, especially since the holidays are coming and I don’t think we will have such an avalanche of projects,” Dancu said, on Saturday, in a press conference held at the Government.

The budget for 2016 is in public debate, to be adopted by the Government next week and sent to Parliament for approval.

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