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December 1, 2021

Ion Iliescu, on his blog: Romanian politics has developed a culture of confrontation, not of agreement

Ion Iliescu is covering the political class in harsh criticism. Romania’s former President took to his personal blog to write about the incapacity of the political class to grant a stake to Romanians. He also pointed out that accusing citizens that they were unable to vote was proof of disrespect.
“Romanian politics has actually, and unfortunately, developed a culture of confrontation, not one of agreement, and democracy does not mean ‘the tyranny of the majority’, the former President points out.

“The world is not spinning around a few elites disconnected from reality, no matter how hard they pretend to be the centres of this world. In a democracy, everyone has their own roles and responsibilities. In order to give lessons, you need to know how to do such thing. You need to prove you are able to do things for people. Politicians should not forget these things. Elites giving unsolicited lessons should not forget it either. Perhaps they consider thinking in cliches is a master’s job. But they are masters over illusions. (…) Still, democracy is not the tyranny of the majority. And neither is it the tyranny of extremist minorities. If we accept such things, we return, one way or another, to the idea of working class dictatorship, that has produced a monster, although it was given up, unfortunately not fast enough to prevent it from causing any more dramas. Democracy should be the place of permanent dialogue between majorities and minorities, in order to build that consensus that may lead things forward, without many confrontations or crises”, the honorary president of PSD appreciates.
Ion Iliescu wished to outline that he was voted by people because, when he ran for President, he offered a country project, a perspective.
“Why did people vote for me? The explanation is more simple than imagined by people who keep analyzing a topic that does not exist: I offered them a stake, a country project, a perspective. This project was grounds for identification both for lesser educated people – yet, who were and are still able to have their own opinions – and cultural personalities, professional elites of various fields, and alas for a few people, even philosophers!” (…)

Politics has an issue caused by its incapacity to offer a stake to Romanians, a project for the future. Politics has turned into a self-sufficient thing, disconnected from Romania’s reality. It consumes too much energy on the management of useless power games, and two little energy on solving country issues, satisfying citizens’ needs, those of the business environment, and building a normal and functional society”, the Social-Democrat leader pointed out.

According to Iliescu, citizens’ response to this manner of making politics, lacking responsibility, is their withdrawal from the public space, their refusal to “make politics”, which grants the scene for aggressive minorities, that impose basically their own agenda, based on an increased weakness of politics, of democracy in general. “This agenda has nothing in common with the political agenda”, Iliescu added.

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