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January 23, 2021

PNL, delayed merger with PDL: The union of both parties to be completed in 2017

Liberals are late in the merging process with the Democrat Liberal Party (PDL). The strategy was destined to provide them a better start for next year’s elections. A year later, the union is still not completed, and Liberal leaders decided to hurry things up a little bit. Nonetheless, the measures might cause complicated inner disagreements just before the elections, digi24.ro notes.
In the autumn of last year, PNL co-chair Vasile Blaga announced an agenda for territorial fusion. I think that we can finish merging in localities, up to Municipalities, in 2015, until June and in the second part of the year we will complete it at the level of counties, as elections are already knocking on our door. This will be the agenda I will propose at the Unification Committee”, PNL co-chair Vasile Blaga had declared at that time for Adevarul Live.

The fusion failed to advance though. The idea of the two-person leadership did not achieve expected results. The transition time destined to accustom members with cohabitation after years of relentless rivalry was marked by new conflicts, this time internal ones. Defining moments for this state of spirit were the increasingly frequent meetings at Modrogan with County branches co-chairs who failed to get along. At the last meeting of this kind, 14 organizations were summoned to provide explanations for local fights.

In order to avoid potential disaster at forthcoming elections, the leadership of PNL reached the decision of a accelerated fusion from the lowest level and heading to the top, by getting rid of the present binomial.

“All PNL candidates, except for those at local organizations, should overtake sole leadership in the community they are running for”, PNL co-chair Alina Gorghiu added.

Simultaneously, the General Secretary Office will be unified and regional Vice-leaders, reorganized: a coordinator for each three or four conties will be chosen. Thus, the agenda will be delayed, yet Vasile Blaga seems happy.

“At the level of counties, we will suggest a formula based on local elections. In all its main ideas, the agenda was mostly respected. Not to mention that there are organizations ready up to a level of 99.9 per cent. Such as, by example, Timis”, Vasile Blaga explained.

Along with the new integrity criteria required for selecting candidates, measures risk causing new local conflicts.

“You cannot start an electoral year without having a united team. The efficiency of the activity will increase due to one-person managements. Competition causes passion and discontentment. I expect my colleagues to lose gracefully”, Alina Gorghiu further added.

“If somebody is unable to understand and places their own interest above that of the party, I am sorry, we will part although I do not wish such things to happen”, Vasile Blaga declared as well.”

PNL co-chair Vasile Blaga also declared on Saturday, in Timisoara, that the “fusion of the party” will be completed right after the Congress of 2017 and, at that point, at the level of counties, there will be only one chair, instead of the management formula of co-chairs.

PNL Co-President Vasile Blaga declared on Saturday, in a press conference at Timisoara that, in the case of the National Council, due this year, on December eleven, that, during the National Council meeting, scheduled for December 11, it will be proposed that Mayors in office or candidates of Mayoralties would become leaders of local organizations.

“We will submit a project to the National Council stipulating that Mayors presently in office, who fulfil integrity criteria or the localities where the Mayor candidates were announced, they will be sole leaders of the local organizations. The party will be merged completely after the Congress”, Vasile Blaga declared.

In case the Mayor of the municipality is, at the time being, also the co-chair at the PNL local organization, he can designate a person to lead the county organization”.

By appointing its candidates to Mayoralties, PNL established a series of rules on lustration, moving between parties, favouring family members at the office, contracts and relations with the state, false declarations, incompatibility and conflict of interest, discriminating attitudes, debt to the budget, plagiarism and criminal issues.

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