Vasile Blaga: I would love it if the members of this Government joined PNL and ran for the elections of 2016

Co-chair of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Vasile Blaga invited the members of the Ciolos Government to join PNL and run for next year’s elections, the Mediafax correspondent reported.

Blaga declared on Saturday, in Timisoara, during a press conference, that, during the PSD governing, this party “purchased” almost 500 Liberal Mayors and only supported public works in localities led by Social-Democrat authorities.

“For four years, unfortunately, in Romania, funds for local public administrations are approved in a project that lacks transparency, through the order of a Minister. When I decided to support the Ciolos Government, I requested the depolitization of administration and total transparency in distributing public funds. I requested that all Ministers’ orders would be published in the Official Monitor. The first steps were made.
Huge differences may be noted in distributing funds. PSD purchased 496 Mayors from PNL, they started public works in the country solely at PSD Mayors, a fact reported by the Audit Court, too, and they increased the reservations fund by 14.5 times, which is illegal”, Vasile Blaga declared.

Moreover, Blaga mentioned he wished that at least some of the present Ministers would join PNL and run for next year’s election.

“I would love it very much (and I want it hard) that this Government would have achievements, I would love it if everyone included in this Government would join PNL and run for office in 2016. The chosen ones will be chosen”, the Liberal leader outlined.

Vasile Blaga also declared that PNL reached the right decision by supporting the Dacian Ciolos-led Government and considers that prefects should be changed during the next few days.
“If PNL had managed to overtake the power by motion of censure, the Government would have been led by PNL and they would have negotiated with other groups required in order to reach majority. In the Senate, PNL only has 59 Senators, therefore, such negotiations are needed. But I think the decision we reached is the right one. We could not overtake the Government. Yet, let us not forget that this Government was created by the pressure of the Street, so, we support the Government of technocrats. Let us not forget that all prefects and deconcentrated public services are owned by PSD. I think that apolitical people are highly useful at this point. We should change prefects, especially that, right now, there are situations, such as the one in Timis, where the Court decided so”, Blaga further added.

In Timis County, former prefect Mircea Bacala, dismissed from his position in May 2012, achieved a definitive decision in Court, stipulating that he could be reappointed in his position. The Court decision was reached in 2013, yet, it was not applied yet.
At the time being, the prefect of Timis County is Eugen Dogariu, appointed in 2012, by another decision of the Court.

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