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January 27, 2022

Cristian Busoi, possible PNL candidate to the Mayoralty of Bucharest

The PNL candidate to the Mayoralty of Bucharest will be announced on Friday at the meeting of the National Council of the party, PNL Co-President Vasile Blaga announced on Monday at the press conference Catalin Predoiu was proposed to hold the position of President of the PNL Bucharest branch.

“The candidate for Bucharest will be designated this week based on a sociological analysis completed and he will be announced at the National Council of Coordination”, Blaga declared.
Asked whether it was possible that said candidate might be MEP Cristian Busoi, Blaga answered he might be an option.
PNL Bucharest is due to have a meeting on Wednesday, when the results internal audits will be discussed and the candidate will be chosen.

On her turn, Alina Gorghiu declared she was not pleased by the political score achieved by PNL candidates in Bucharest.
“There are districts where candidates achieved much lower results than expected and this thing displeases me deeply but I, as well as Vasile Blaga and Catalin Predoiu, who will overtake this position, have a quite clear mission: to find the winning formula for each district. We do not have it for all districts at this point, but I may assure you that things are continuously evolving, audits will be conducted in February, in March, each time it is needed to see the required improvements of our offer”, Gorghiu declared, quoted by hotnews.ro.

Predoiu outruled on Monday the possibility that he would run for Mayor, as a leader of the branch. “I think we must focus on both projects and, simultaneously with preparing local elections, we should continue efforts to prepare the governing. It is not about abandoning one project for another or accumulating one more position. Is about contributing to local elections by my colleagues’ side”, Predoiu declared.
The internal race for the candidacy to the Mayoralty of Bucharest was attended MEP Cristian Busoi, Deputies Costica Canache and Ludovic Orban, and Petre Roman.

Catalin Predoiu, Head of PNL Bucharest

PNL Prime Vice-President Catalin Predoiu is the Liberals’ sole proposition for President of the Bucharest branch of the party.
At the same time, though, the former Justice Minister is still the name proposed by PNL for the position of Prime Minister, after next year’s parliamentary elections, Liberal co-chairs Alina Gorghiu and Vasile Blaga announced on Monday.

“Bucharest will have only one President. Mr. Predoiu is proposed as an interim President of the Bucharest organization. The candidate for the Bucharest Mayoralty will be chosen this week. Mr. Predoiu is still the proposition for the position of Prime Minister in next year’s campaign”, Vasile Blaga announced at a meeting at the Parliament Palace, attended by the two Co-Presidents and Catalin Predoiu.
Also, Alina Gorghiu declared that one discussed topic was the unification of Secretary General positions and, therefore, the person holding this position in the new PNL will be Mayor of Oradea Ilie Bolojan.
“We decided to make one step further, which meant that the position of Secretary General would only be held by one person. This person will be Ilie Bolojan”, Gorghiu revealed.
Moreover, she wanted to point out that this decision was not a penalty to the two present Secretaries General – Gheorghe Flutur and Marian Petrache -, and similarly, co-chairs of PNL Bucharest, Anca Boagiu and Teodor Atanasiu, were not sanctioned by Catalin Predoiu’s appointment in this position.

“It is a decision reached through consensus with these old and valuable colleagues. It is a decision that shows we understood we have no other option than evolution”, Alina Gorghiu further added.

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