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February 2, 2023

National Forestry Inventory: Romania has almost 7 million hectares of forest

Romania has approximately 6.9 million hectares of forest, 51 per cent of which are privately owned, the National Forestry Inventory (NFI) data published last week show.
Apart from the forested surface area, there are approximately 14 million hectares of agricultural land, the ratio between the two categories being 1:2.1. Likewise, there are approximately 830,000 forest owners and approximately 4 million owners of agricultural land, the ratio being 1:5.

The NFI was conducted in 2008-2012, a new cycle of analysis having started in 2013.

“The NFI started in 2006, and its carrying out was based on the Forestry Code of 2008 in order for us to fall in line with European standards. This inventory has to be carried out at national level every five years. This inventory has to be carried out because of the need for precise and up-to-date information that can form the basis of forestry policy, forecasts, programmes and strategies for the development of the forestry sector,” Danut Iacob, Director of Policies and Strategies within the Environment Ministry, stated at a conference.

The data was collected in the field by 21 special teams, each of them consisting of three members.

The NFI also shows that the volume of forests measures 2.22 million cubic metres, with an average of 321.9 metres per hectare. The main species of trees are beech (36.8 per cent), spruce fir (23.8 per cent), common oak (10.1 per cent), hornbeam (8.1 per cent) and fir trees (5 per cent).

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