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March 21, 2023

Romania, 16th in English skills global rankings

Romania is 16th in a 70-nation global table, and 13th in a 27-nation European table, when it comes to English proficiency skills and the way its citizens manage to put them into practice in epi6their social and professional relations. The data was included in the EF English Proficiency Index 2015, a survey that involved 910,000 persons from 70 countries and that proves the existence of a real correlation between English language proficiency and various indicators such as higher income or better quality of life.

Specialists from Qdays Educational Holidays, the survey’s partner in Romania, state that the value of the common linguistic system is essential in the educational and professional environment of the immediate future, and large international educational centres are showing growing interest in young Romanians because of the ease with which they manage to put into practice their English language skills.

In this context, Qdays Educational Holidays Romania launches, starting in 2016, the “Romanian Children Act in English” international project that will feature 7 two-week international English language holidays in English language schools located in 7 cities from 4 countries, and educational programmes adapted to various age groups.
“Romanian youngsters have proven that they know English very well, and the international report shows that Romania holds a very good rank from this point of view. Nevertheless, a very important indicator when it comes to improving the communicational experience in an international language consists of social and professional interactions with citizens from other countries,” stated Andrei Henegar, the director of Qdays Educational Holidays and the initiator of the “Romanian Children Act in English” international project.

For the proper progress of its programmes, Qdays helps parents throughout the signing up and visa granting procedure and accompanies the pupils at their destination, having well-trained group leaders, in order for the whole experience to be as useful as possible. Registrations for the programmes have to be made in time, each group being limited in size. All the schools pupils can enrol in are presented in detail on www.qdays.ro.

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