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May 17, 2021

Romanian policemen take part in new ‘important, difficult’ mission in France

Internal Affairs Minister Petre Toba met 21 Romanian policemen who have left for France on Monday to take part in a new mission of cooperation on public order, on which occasion he urged the policemen to observe their mandate with responsibility and to honourably represent the Romanian Police, the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI) and Romania.
“It is an important and difficult mission, the more so in the current context, when special measures are being maintained in France following the terrorist attacks. I assure you of the full support of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, of the internal affairs attache who is in Paris and we will keep constantly in touch. I wish you that your mission be a real success and may you come back home safely!” Toba said according to Agerpres.
According to the ministry, the missions conducted in common with the French policemen began in 2012 and they represent an important contribution made by the Romanian Police to what missions of international representation mean.
Also carrying out activity in France alongside the 21 policemen will be another 16 Romanian officers of the MAI, who will take part in other missions coordinated by the French authorities.
The 9th mission will go through till the end of January 2016.

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