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November 30, 2022

Ciolos Government Ministers’ wealths

There were no more than five members of Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos who published so far their wealth declarations.

Costin Borc, Economy Minister, was among others, General Manager of the Lafarge operations in Serbia, and since September 2013, he has held the position of CEO of the group Lafarge Romania. In his wealth declaration posted on the Government website, he mentioned that he owned four buildings, including a house (126 square metres) and an apartment (90 square metres) in Bucharest and two in France, respectively an 148 square metre – apartment in Paris and a vacation house of 150 square metres in the locality Capelle les Grands. He also owns a lot of 4.2 hectares in Teleorman, another one of 49.5 hectares in Calarasi, a 218 square metre – field in Bucharest as well as a field of over 7,000 square metres, purchased in the locality Capelle les Grands (France), purchased together with his wife. He is less lavish as far as cars are concerned, as he only owns a VW Golf manufactured in 2015, yet he has in his bank accounts (opened in Romania, France and UK) over EUR 1 million, as well as loans of almost EUR 400,000. In the year 2015, he sold two thirds of a residence for the sum of RON 1,066,056 as well as a Fiat 500 car. Also in his wealth declaration, Costin Borc included jewelry and precious stones evaluated at EUR 15,000 and paintings worth EUR 4,000, Mediafax reported.

Defence Minister Mihnea Motoc owns two apartments in Bucharest, a house in Sinaia and one in the locality Wantzenau of France. Moreover, Motoc has five lots, one in Bucharest, of 100 square metre, and four agriculture fields: 3,980 square metres in Balotesti (Ilfov), 2,900 square metres in Rasnov (Brasov), 2 hectares in Orastie and 660 square metres in Bujoreni (Valcea). He is also a proud owner of several cars: a Ford Fiesta manufactured in the 90s (not scrapped), received by his wife as a heritage, a Jaguar X-Type of 2000 and a Mercedes E 200 of 2014. Also, he mentioned jewelry worth EUR 15,000. As for financial assets, Mihnea Motoc owns bank deposits of over EUR 125,000 and EUR 45,000 in Brussels, an account of RON 20,000 in Bucharest and two at a bank in Strasbourg, of EUR 23,000. Mihnea Motoc is also in debt, as he has three loans from banks in Bucharest, Brussels and Strasbourg, of a total value of EUR 830,000.

Achim Irimescu, Agriculture Minister, has mentioned in his wealth declaration that he owned a home and an apartment in Bucharest, both in District 5, as well as an agriculture lot in Bragadiru, a common possession with his wife. The Minister also owns a car, four accounts and bank deposits of a total value of EUR 413,000 and RON 210,000. He also declared an annual income of EUR 43,835 and RON 5,007, that also includes his wife’s income.

The wealth declared by Claudia-Ana Costea, Labour Minister, is less impressive. She only owns a 65 square-metre, purchased in 1993. She owns no lots, art objects, jewels, cars, bank accounts or loans exceeding EUR 5,000.

Ciprian Bucur, delegated Minister for the relation with the Parliament, has a similarly modest wealth: a 3,600 square-metre lot in Bacau County and an Opel Astra of 2007.
His wealth declaration also includes a loan received in the year 2007; he still has to pay over EUR 4,000.

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