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April 16, 2021

Image changes of PNL and PSD before the electoral year 2016

Liberals are trying to change their image even before the electoral year 2016, by a series of moves applied by the leaders of the party, Alina Gorghiu and Vasile Blaga, in the last few days.

Therefore, Liberal Prime-Vice President Catalin Predoiu will overtake the leadership of the PNL Bucharest branch, replacing Anca Boagiu and Teodor Atanasiu. The position of Secretary General will be held by the Mayor of Oradea, Ilie Bolojan, after being held in common, so far, by Marian Petrache and Gheorghe Flutur. The changes were approved during yesterday’s meeting of the unification committee, yet, according to the status, they must be validated by the National Council on December 11.

PNL co-chair Alina Gorghiu declared that the decisions were reached by consensus, and that nobody, neither Gheorghe Flutur, nor Marian Petrache, Teodor Atanasiu, nor Anca Boagiu, was sanctioned. She also declared that decisions represented a sign that the party understood the direction it is supposed to follow in order to respond to the expectations of voters.
Atanasiu and Boagiu, co-chairs of PNL București, are considered “used” as far as their image is concerned and they are unfit to lead an organization that addresses an electorate of high expectations, Romania Libera pointed out. Nonetheless, the two of them kept their positions as national Prime Vice-Presidents.

At their Friday meeting, Liberals will also discuss the approval of integrity criteria for candidates at local and parliamentary elections.

Criticism concerning integrity criteria

PNL elaborated a series of integrity criteria and co-chairs Alina Gorghiu and Vasile Blaga are being criticized by the civil society because they are tii permissive, but also by the members of the Liberal Party, who consider they are too harsh and will cause PNL to lose a great part of its Mayors.

Among the ten eliminatory criteria of integrity, due to be applied to candidates for the local elections, there is family opportunism – it refers to the interdiction that the potential candidate would have ever fired, at a public institution he wishes to lead, their husband, wife, relatives or children-in-law. Nonetheless, the law says nothing of employments made at other institutions, by using political influence. Moreover, the interdiction to conduct business with the state is only applied for contracts with the institution the candidate is running for or the institutions subordinated.

“Ms. President Gorghiu too has had contracts with the state, with AVAS, why doesn’t she apply this criterion”, a Liberal wondered, as quoted by evz.ro.

The criterion referring to a criminal record has become more permissive, too. Ineligible to run will be the ones prosecuted for bribe taking or giving. For remaining corruption related offences, such as influence peddling or abuse of office, the interdiction to run will be applied in case charges are filed, the quoted source also announces.

The rival party prepares changes, too; yet, they are less drastic

Social-Democrats, too, are working on a Code of Ethics and Conduct, due to establish a series of integrity criteria. Thus, PSD members may replace the resolution adopted in March, under Victor Ponta, with a new set of integrity rules, less harsh than the previous ones.

Therefore, in the case a party member, accused of corruption crimes, is prosecuted, held under preventive arrest, sued or convicted non-definitively, he may be withdrawn political support, he may be suspended from his political position or his position inside PSD, or he may be expelled from the party.

These sanctions will not be applied immediately; they will be studied individually, as a result of an analysis by the ethics committees at county or national levels.

These two committees may send proposals towards the leaderships of county branches or, depending on the case, the central leadership of PSD, due to decide the sanction applied over the politician accused of corruption.

PSD changes brought to the Code of Ethics and Conduct will be discussed on Wednesday by the Executive Committee of the party, PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea (photo) announced last week.

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