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August 15, 2022

Kelemen Hunor asks for proof in terrorism case

UDMR President Kelemen Hunor stated on Tuesday that DIICOT has to show transparency in the Beke case.

“The people that came out in the streets (in Targu Secuiesc, to express solidarity with Beke Istvan – editor’s note) did so because they felt that (…) something extremely serious is happening, an injustice, a collective accusation toward the Hungarian community. It is not acceptable. (…) First of all, those that handled this case should come out publicly and say: this is the proof. Information was leaked in other cases (…) as if the piping broke; now there is no leak, but they do not inform us either. I believe DIICOT should show transparency, they should say “this is the proof”; or, if there is no proof, they should say they made a mistake, after all it’s not a problem to admit making a mistake. (…) Apart from this, and this is the responsibility of opinion makers, this collective accusation toward the Hungarian community has to be stopped, because, whether we like it or not, a solidarization will continue to occur if the tendency to humiliate and label an entire community continues by saying that you have the terrorism gene, that everything you want is against Romania,” Kelemen stated in an interview for Adevarul LIVE on Tuesday.

He stated that “things will get out of control” unless that happens and unless “the wave of manipulation and collective labelling” stops.
Kelemen reaffirmed the fact that UDMR distances itself from any form of extremism and emphasized that his party democratically militates for defending and extending the rights of the Hungarian community, being “a factor of stability” in Romanian society.

Beke Istvan Attila, the Romanian citizen of Hungarian ethnicity accused of planning to detonate an improvised explosive device during the December 1 parade in Targu Secuiesc, was placed under 30-day pre-trial arrest a week ago. He is accused of attempted actions against the constitutional order and of failing to respect the regulations concerning the procurement, ownership and use of explosive materials, regulations meant to prevent and combat terrorism. According to judicial sources, the raids conducted by prosecutors led to the discovery of category II and III explosive materials, as well as electronic materials. Once assembled, these types of materials have the capacity to cause casualties and owning them is forbidden. After his arrest, several hundred people gathered each afternoon in downtown Targu Secuiesc in order to express their solidarity and to demand his release. The meetings were not authorized, the protesters organizing them on social media networks.

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