Mayor from Gorj County, suspect in tax evasion and money laundering case

Urdari Mayor Mihai Calota was heard by prosecutors on Tuesday, at the Gorj Court, as suspect in a tax evasion, money laundering and corruption case.
The mayor was heard following raids that took place in November in a case that sought to dismantle a crime group.
The damages caused through tax evasion, money laundering, corruption and the breaking of corporate law total approximately RON 1,800,000. Prosecutors continued their investigations in this case and conducted on Tuesday nine raids at the homes of mayors from Gorj and Dolj counties. Thus, investigators raided the homes of the mayors of Slivilesti, Catune, Stejari, Aninoasa, Borascu, Negomir, Barbatesti, Plopsoru (Gorj County) and Melinesti communes (Dolj County).
Investigations have shown that from January to December this year, the mayors concerned used their positions to ask for and receive various sums of money in exchange for awarding and paying public works contracts.
The bribes total approximately RON 400,000. Police officers will enforce 12 witness summons, the persons concerned set to be taken in for hearings at the Gorj Court’s Prosecutor’s Office.

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