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May 26, 2020

Oprea no longer coordinates doctoral dissertations at the National Intelligence Academy

Former Vice-Premier Gabriel Oprea, accused of plagiarism, confirmed by the Head of the Ethics Committee of the Bucharest University at the beginning of September, no longer coordinates at the time being, doctoral dissertations at the “Mihai Viteazul” National Intelligence Academy.
Oprea is no longer a doctoral degree coordinator of the National Intelligence Academy, official sources declared for Mediafax.

Also, his name no longer appears on the list of doctoral degree coordinators of the institution, posted on its website.

The National Intelligence Academy issued a press release on September 7, announcing that they were “evaluating the level of implementation of the measures concerning the following of academic quality standards of doctoral dissertations”.

“In this perspective, the Academy Senate enforces the Scientific Council of the “Mihai Viteazul” National Intelligence Academy to accelerate the evaluation process, initiated a long time ago, over how scientifical standards were applied and how our academic capacity was developed. The conclusions of this evaluation will lead to certain decisions due to consolidate the quality of the education and academic research process at the “Mihai Viteazul” ANI”, the press release pointed out.

The press release was issued after suspicions of plagiarism arose concerning Gabriel Oprea’s doctoral dissertation, held at the Law Section of the Bucharest University, as well as several dissertations coordinated by Oprea at “Mihai Viteazul” Academy.

On September 4, Marian Popescu, President of the Ethics Committee of the Bucharest University, issued a firm verdict after analyzing Gabriel Oprea’s work, stating that it was obvious plagiarism, as dozens of pages were copied “in their entirety”.

Thus he opposed, in his personal name, the conclusion reached by the National Ethics Council of the Ministry of Education – the only institution enforced at national level to solve these complains, in the case of the doctoral dissertation “The Procedure of Preliminary Complaint”, written by Gabriel Oprea in the year 2000, at the Law Section of the Bucharest University.

The National Ethics Council decided on July 8 that the suspicion of plagiarism in the case of Gabriel Oprea’s doctoral dissertation cannot be confirmed.

“The law forced us, as it happens in the case of officials, to forward the self-report to the National Ethics Council. The National Ethics Council issued the verdict so fast, that we did not even get the chance to announce them about what we had started to analyse”, Marian Popescu declared for Gandul.

According to Mr. Popescu, the National Ethics Council received simultaneously the self-report of the Committee and a complaint filed by another person on the same topic, and the Ethics Council, a subordinate institution of the Ministry of Education, instantly issued the verdict: “Not confirmed”.
According to Marian Popescu, the examination of plagiarism suspicions should be a task of the University that has issued the title.

Hotnews reported that Gabriel Oprea’s doctoral dissertation, “The Procedure of Preliminary Complaint”, coordinated by University professor, doctor Ion Neagu, includes paragraphs copied from other books and has no introduction or conclusions of its own. Hotnews wrote Oprea has copied several pages of the “Preliminary Complaint. The General Theory of the Preliminary Complaint.
Application in Romanian Legislation” by Constantin Turai, published in 1938, as well as a series of quotes by Nicolae Iorga and Gheorghe Ghibanescu, which may be found in Turai’s book, outlined and correctly quoted by the author.

Afterwards, Hotnews signalled plagiarism suspicions in the case of doctoral dissertations coordinated by Gabriel Oprea, in his quality of doctoral studies coordinator at the “Mihai Viteazul” National Intelligence Academy. These suspicions concern works by Oprea’s secretary Adela Loredana Neagu, by Mayor of District 2 Neculai Ontanu, who is also the Secretary General of UNPR, by Ponta’s lawyer Loredana Radu and the dissertations by the Prime-Deputy of the General Prosecutor of Romania, Bogdan Licu, former Defence Minister Mihai Stanisoara and the Deputy of the Head Commander of Bucharest Police, Dumitru Parvu.

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