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May 26, 2022

Alina Gorghiu: PNL assumes the risk of eventual internal discontentment after applying the integrity criteria

The National Liberal Party (PNL) assumes the risk of eventual internal discontentment after applying the integrity criteria, Alina Gorghiu, co-chair of the party, declared on Wednesday. She mentioned that the party even assumed “certain losses”.

“Do not imagine we did not assume the risk of eventual internal discontentment. We even assumed certain losses. There will also be the candidates you may know for sure will be replaced once these ten commandments of integrity will be applied, although they might be favourites in the opinion polls conducted in their communities. Yet, the time has come for us to give much more attention to what is correct to do as a party that leads the preferences of the electorate”, the PNL co-chair declared for RFI Romania.

Asked how would spirits get calmed down in the party, Alina Gorghiu replied:

“A party always has to undergo a quite complex process when it intends to adjust its internal themes to the images of what other people want to see from the outside and to the wishes of those from outside. (…).

Traditional Romanian parties, such as PNL must assume this agenda of the society at any risk and regardless of its losses, as fast as possible. If we, PNL, lose the trusr of Romanian voters a trust we now have, as we have continued to adapt for 140 years in order to deserve this trust, at the present moment, in this regional context, in this European context, I am absolutely confident that the door would be wide open for terrorist formations.”

Gorghiu also mentioned that, if Liberals who had joined the race for local elections in Bucharest will prove they have no growth potential to win over the Capital, PNL will not hesitate seeking in other directions as well.

“The Bucharest organization is validating its sociological analysis in Bucharest and makes a proposal of a candidate. Theoretically, this thing is happening today in the agenda of these gentlemen. We will see whether they manage to end this procedure and proposition today, to forward it to the (National Council).

If they do, perhaps the proposition will be discussed on Friday. If they do not, it will happen in a future Council, due in January. But we are at a stage when we brought a new proposal of unifying positions, both in Bucharest and the one of Secretary General, and the present leader of the Bucharest branch, Catalin Predoiu, will actually start leading it on Friday, when the sole position of chair of the Bucharest branch will be voted needs a little bit of time, I am sure of it, to get organized, to develop his strategy, to choose his candidates on Districts and at the level of Bucharest. Therefore it is perhaps a reasonable amount of time he might need to come up with acceptable proposals to the leadership of Bucharest and therefore this assignment might be postponed on Friday”, Alina Gorghiu concluded.

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