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July 29, 2021

The International Anticorruption Day: Trust in justice reflected by large number of reports, says DNA statement

Trust in justice is reflected by a large number of reports filed by citizens, the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) said in a press statement on Wednesday, December 9, the International Anticorruption Day.

“The increasingly larger number of reports filed by individuals and legal entities with the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) over the past two years shows increasingly more people understand the nefarious effects of corruption and refuse to tolerate illegal practices they meet up with. In 2015, the number of reports from individuals and legal entities was 40 percent larger than in the previous year, while in 2014 it increased by 75 percent from the previous year,” reads the statement

According to the statement, the DNA is playing the part for which it was created, namely to fight against high-level corruption, with more than 8,000 persons having been sent to court over the past ten years, 5,000 of whom were sentenced under final and binding sentences.

“Among those indicted for corruption offences there were many high-ranking dignitaries, which proves that the principle ‘no one is above the law’ is becoming reality in Romania. The fight against corruption meets a major interest of the society that the citizens have lately understood and undertaken increasingly more often. DNA investigations have unveiled schemes, practices and mechanisms that would drain off the public resources to the benefit of a small category of privileged people and to the detriment of the majority of the population,” reads the statement.
Another aspect underscored in the statement is high-level inquiries that triggered reactions from those into which they were conducted, powerful, influential and notable, but the attempts to contain the efficiency of the institution, to drastically reduce the legal instruments at the disposal of prosecutors or even block inquiries have failed also because of support from the civil society that also expressed public interest.

“Also the public interest has placed debate on corruption as a priority on the public agenda. The support of a significant majority of the population, arising from trust and hope, is an adequate context for achieving a profound change in mentalities that will treasure fairness, merits and the respect of law. As long as prosecutorial independence and the institutional stability of the DNA are preserved, the institution will continue to operate correctly and professionally to secure fair, and balanced justice free from bias, to the benefit of the rule of law and the Romanian citizens,” reads the DNA statement.

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