Deputy PM Vasile Dancu: “Less popular measures will probably follow too”

Politicians did not make reforms because they feared the electorate and found the Government that would do what they cannot afford to do, Deputy Prime Minister Vasile Dancu stated in an interview for ziare.com.

Concerning the concrete directions of Romania’s development in 2016, Dancu explained that the priorities are reforming the administration by “completing an administrative Code that would bring together the most important laws that govern the administration, the public office, the institutions’ profile.”
“Then, in 2016, we have to finalize the decentralization and, if this wisdom is reached, to resume talks on regionalization. Another goal is the launch of the strategy on territorial development, which should create a framework in order to plan the development that is chaotic at this moment,” the official added.
Likewise, the Deputy Prime Minister stated that the administrative reform seeks to remove red tape, simplify procedures, then e-governance, however he said he cannot promise a switch to e-governance in 2016.

In what concerns the fact that the Ciolos Government took a step back in what concerns the financing of churches, Vasile Dancu stated that he represents a Government “that admits when it is in the wrong and is willing to reconsider its decision when a public challenge to it appears.”
According to Vasile Dancu, so far “politicians did not make reforms because they feared the electorate.”
“So they have found the Government that would do things they cannot afford to do. There are unpopular measures they lack the courage to adopt. They will support this sacrificial Government that doesn’t have to win votes,” Dancu said, adding that “less popular measures will probably follow too, measures that will also introduce some restrictions.”

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