Environ Association launches Baterel Store online platform

The most innovative online store for Romanian pupils and teachers,, launches during the Winter Holidays the fb environ“Recycle and Santa Claus will award you!” campaign. The prizes that are up for grabs are more than attractive: two trips to European institutions in Brussels, four summer camps, bicycles, tablets, smartphones, photo cameras and laptops. Moreover, the organizers’ surprises will continue throughout the project’s duration. In addition, all participants who register online for the competition will benefit from the possibility of choosing school supplies for free.

The Baterel Store is a unique project in Romania, being the first online store developed as part of an environmental protection educational campaign, and is a store that uses a points-based payment system, its goal being to reward all pupils for behaviour that is responsible toward the environment, behaviour they prove by getting actively involved in selective waste collection and recycling projects.

The platform offers children of all ages the possibility to choose from a varied range of school supplies: from simple writing instruments, art activity materials, notebooks, colouring pens and crayons, and pencil cases, to office supplies and backpacks with their favourite cartoon heroes. The products can be ordered using the points gained by delivering out-of-use electric and electronic equipment and used batteries, the only condition being to sign up and actively take part in the “Baterel and the Non-E World” campaign.

“We chose to celebrate the success registered in the four editions of this campaign, through an upgrade in the fifth edition. The launch of the Baterel Store online platform was the natural continuation of the initiative started last year when, using the same principle, we published the Baterel prizes catalogue. The joy we see on the faces of children when they are rewarded for their efforts represents that driving force that determines us to continue this project and to develop it, improving ourselves from one edition to the next, until attaining the stage of excellence,” Environ Association President Andrei Orban stated.

The fifth edition of the “Baterel and the Non-E World” campaign takes place from September 1, 2015 to June 15, 2016. Its goals are to educate pupils from all grades by promoting the benefits of the selective collection of recyclable waste, supporting teachers in giving environment protection classes and setting up a national selective waste collection and recycling network for out-of-use electrical and electronic products and used batteries and capacitors.
The “Baterel and the Non-E World” is a national awareness, social responsibility and selective waste collection project organized by the Environ Association in partnership with the National Battery Recycling System Association (SNRB).

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