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June 22, 2021

I want a pragmatic and efficient dialogue, Ciolos tells unions

PM Dacian Ciolos told on Friday leaders of unions participating in talks at Victoria Palace that he wants a pragmatic and efficient dialogue and not one for the sake of image.

“It was a very intense period (…) when the main priority was to draft the budget as fast as possible. You saw, on the other hand, that we took into consideration a lot of issues that were also discussed with you previously. It was important for us to be able to finalize as fast as possible the drafting of the budget, so as to adopt the budget by year end. I want to clarify for you that this government is for dialogue, I have said it already, and I want a pragmatic and efficient dialogue, not only for the sake of it and for the image. Mrs. Labour Minister is the one who will maintain a permanent dialogue with you on behalf of the Government – I understand you know her, you have already talked with her – and I hope that the trust you put in her will be passed on in a positive way to the whole Government,” the PM stated at the start of the meeting with the unions.

Ciolos showed his availability to discuss all the topics requested by the unions and announced that he took note of the request to summon the tripartite committee.

The Government is represented at the talks by Deputy PMs Vasile Dancu and Costin Borc, Finance Minister Anca Dragu and Labour Minister Ana Costea. The unions are represented by delegates of labor organizations National Union Confederation Cartel ALFA, National Confederation of Free Romanian Unions Fratia, the National Union Block, The Confederation of Democratic Unions in Romania and CS Meridian.

Labour Minister: Minimum wage increase on gov’t agenda; impact study required

The rise of the national minimum wage is on the Government’s agenda, but an impact study is required to assess the effects of the increase on SMEs, Labour Minister Claudia-Ana Costea told the meeting for the approval of the ministry’s budget by the parliamentary specialist committees.

“Today, at 13:00 hrs, the Prime Minister meets with the representatives of trade union confederations. The procedure will be initiated following the ongoing discussions. The Labour Ministry has also presented and will present the draft which truly exists and was drawn up by the Public Finance Ministry together with the National Commission for Prognosis, but in the Government meeting this week we decided that a study for SMEs be conducted, as these entities pointed out that the increase provided for January 2016 would affect them. Therefore, the problem is on the Government’s agenda,” Claudia-Ana Costea said.

The question was posed by former Labour Minister Rovana Plumb, who pointed out that an impact study concerning the implementation of an increase in the minimum wage already exists, and that this study was conducted by the National Commission for Prognosis.

Moreover, at the hearing for the ministry’s budget approval by Parliament’s specialist committees, Costea said that President Klaus Iohannis had invited her to a meeting, but refused to provide further details on the subject.

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